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    Rem/Bruno's Hat



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    Rem/Bruno's Hat

    Post by Alder on Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:48 am

    Equipment Name: Boater Hat
    Equipment Level: 1
    Equipment Type: Hat
    Equipment Description: The boater hat is a hat made of straw. It is a hat that a pirate musician used while playing music for his crew. It serves no purpose other than to act as a memento.
    Equipment Significance: Rem's caretaker, Bruno, always wore this hat. He would wear it during his performances and would rarely, if ever, let it out of his sight. Shortly before dying of a disease that was passed down through his family, Bruno gave Rem the hat as a gift before he passed away.
    Equipment Strength: -Rem feels confident while wearing this hat, as if Bruno is still with him.
    Equipment Weaknesses: -Rem will go through insane lengths to get this hat back if it's taken away from him.

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