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    Kenji Harufuyu's Secondary Skill: Yami Yami no Mi


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    Kenji Harufuyu's Secondary Skill: Yami Yami no Mi Empty Kenji Harufuyu's Secondary Skill: Yami Yami no Mi

    Post by MinnieMe on Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:52 am

    Skill Name: Yami Yami no Mi
    Skill Type: Logia Fruit
    Skill Information: It
     is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and control darkness at will (includes shadows), making the user a “Darkness Human”
    Appearance: The Yami Yami no Mi is a large, round, light purple fruit made up of many small teardrop-shaped components with swirl patterns, and green leaves sprouting from the top. Its overall shape and appearance closely resembles a pineapple or a bunch of oversized and unusually shaped grapes. The darkness is visually demonstrated by a black smoke-like substance spreading out from the user's body.

    Skill Strengths:

    -Exponentially increases in power as user grows in stats (esp strength, speed, finesse)
    -Allows user to create, control, or become darkness or shadows
    -Haki level 3 will allow user to absorb attack damage
    Skill Weaknesses:

    -Standard devil fruit weaknesses
    -Uses all stats so can be very confusing to use
    -Higher haki levels can easily overpower and disable ability
    -Very dangerous to surroundings, chaotic if not used properly
    -Stronger attacks increases risk of user’s safety

    Basic attacks:
    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Dark Star
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Range
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Infinite
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: User throws a shuriken-looking shadow attack
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Finesse + Speed = Range in meters
    -Will change direction if user is smart enough (Intelligence= 45+)
    -Very sharp
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    -Easy to avoid
    -Easily destroyed by haki level 2+
    -Easily blocked
    Actual Skills:

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Shadow Aura
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Support
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 7 post cooldown after full usage
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Raises all stats by 25 for 7 posts and then lowers stats by 10 during 3 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Can break bones on same or lower level haki (20+ strength difference)
    -Untiring during usage
    -Stats unaffected (unless target’s intelligence 20+ user’s endurance)
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    -User gets lowered stats for 3 posts making them vulnerable
    -Higher level hakis can stop Dark Sight
    -Too much use of skills may cause dizziness to user

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Me Two
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Support
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Sends a clone of user made out of darkness
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Can confuse target and will be unable to differ who is the real (Intelligence +10 difference)
    -Clones are able to attack
    -Clones are very easy to dispose of and easy to create
    -# of clones able to create = (Finesse + Intelligence / 10)
    -Clones can use weapons
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    -All of clones stats (-10)
    -If there is a (+10 endurance difference), clone will disappear
    -(Intelligence +25) will be able to find the real user
    -Clones cannot use Yami Yami no Mi

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Dark Knight
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Support
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 post
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Creates a coat of darkness-made armor around user or target to block from attacks
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Blocks attacks for 3 posts
    -(Endurance +25) against weaker element types
    -(Endurance +10, Strength +5) against any other normal types
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    -(Endurance -5, Strength -25) against stronger element types

    -(Target’s Strength is +15 User’s Endurance difference) Dark Knight skill is disabled
    -Higher haki levels and haoshoku haki can disable skill

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Dark Cross
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Melee
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 10 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Kenji’s most common “finisher”; uses two weapons (or hands) infused with power to strike vertically and horizontally that will paralyze the target for 1 post, then burst dark energy against the target
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -With Sharp weapons (Finesse +10, Strength +25, Speed +20)
    -Sends target flying away (30~50 meters)
    -1 post paralysis
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    -Without sharp weapons (Finesse – 20, Strength -15, Speed -10)
    -Both weapons must be sharp for stat boost
    -User gets lowered all stats (-5) for ten posts


    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Shadow Bomb
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Range
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: User throws a ball of darkness that will stick onto a solid surface and detonate after 30 seconds
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -The impact damage is very high depending on Strength stat ((Strength)x2=strength of attack)
    -(Strength +50 difference) will knock targets unconscious
    -(Strength +60 difference) will break bones
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    -If seen, easy to run from

    -If sticks, can pull off and be thrown back at easily
    -Damage will hit everyone including user if in range

    -Can be disabled by haoshoku haki

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