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    Kenji's Spirit's Wind


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    Kenji's Spirit's Wind

    Post by MinnieMe on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:10 am

    Equipment Name: Spirit's Wind
    Equipment Level: 1
    Equipment Type: Katana
    Equipment Description: A katana made of a material called Titan's Anvil (a very strong yet very rare metal used to create weapons). The katana has an mysterious beauty added to the weapon which is the reason why Kenji had called the weapon, "Spirit's Wind", believing that the spirit dances like the wind inside the weapon while Kenji fights.
    Equipment Significance: Forged by Kenji Harufuyu himself. This was also Kenji's first successfully made sword. This is the symbol of Kenji's swordsmanship
    Equipment Strength: 
    -The sword itself is a +5 on finesse
    -Very Light
    -Very durable to most metals
    -Keeps Kenji confident when having it around
    Equipment Weaknesses: 
    -Level 1 so can still be broken
    -Unable to repair due to material being unknown or extremely rare to find

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