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    Kenji's Rising Finisher


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    Kenji's Rising Finisher

    Post by MinnieMe on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:23 am

    Equipment Name: Rising Finisher
    Equipment Level: 1
    Equipment Type: Katana
    Equipment Description: A katana forged by Kenji. The katana has a blood red color and is a bit heavier than most katanas. Kenji had forged this a month before leaving the island after training his skills in Nitoryu. This weapon is known to most due to the last weapon they see before being finished off by Kenji. Witnesses will see a blood red color before Kenji leaves. However, they cannot tell if the red is really blood or the katana.
    Equipment Significance: This weapons symbolizes Kenji's finish in training and rising towards the next level to become the Greatest Swordsman in the World.
    Equipment Strength: 
    -The weapon itself adds Strength +5 due to being heavier than most regular katanas
    -The heavy durability will add Endurance +5
    Equipment Weaknesses: 
    -Due to being a Level 1 weapon, RF can still be broken
    -Due to the weight, Speed and Reflex during the use of this weapon is -5

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