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    Sleet Orayle (WIP)


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    Sleet Orayle (WIP) Empty Sleet Orayle (WIP)

    Post by Sleet on Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:11 pm

    Name: Sleet Orayle
    Epithet: Sleet
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Revolutionary
    Occupation: Avatar

    Appearance: Sleet is a man of average size with the long confident strides of a born traveler. His clothes are a little worn and frayed but they serve his purpose well enough. No matter where he goes he always has a travel haversack ready with any supplies he might need just in case. He doesn't seem to be armed but he has been known to be quite adept with the knife at his belt and his body is not one you would normally expect for a layabout. Though scarred and tanned he is solidly muscled and has a hint of predatory grace to his movement. Many is the man who regretted underestimating this ragtag wanderer.
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Tan
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 180lbs

    Personality: Easy going and carefree Sleet is warmly kind to all he meets. With a strong set of morals he has a hard time fitting in with both the rowdy violent pirates and the ruthlessly radical marines. He will generally try to keep out of most conflicts but will butt in regardless of consequence to safeguard those in need. Sleet has no patience for bullies or arrogance and his disregard for societal stations has gotten him in trouble on multiple occasions. For those who ultimately cross his lines there is no going back. He does not enjoy violence but understands that sometimes it is necessary. On the whole he disagrees with the way the world government is running things but is begrudgingly grateful that someone at least is attempting to deal with the pirate problem. He understands the pirates indulgences towards freedom but thinks that on the whole there are too many that take that freedom too far, causing pain and suffering on those who cannot stop them.
    Likes: Sunbathing, Music, Children, Women, Travel, Freedom
    Dislikes: Rain, Violence, Bullies, Rudeness, Arrogance, Booze
    Motivations: Freedom for All, Living in Peace, Finding the Perfect Place to Settle Down.
    Fears: Captivity, Cruelty to Others, That either the Marines or Pirates will finally win in their never ending rivalry and rule utterly.
    Behavior/Habits: Sleet is rather impulsive and tends to act on his feelings. He travels the pages of books just as much as he travels the seas and can often be found buying more in local marketplaces. He is a little bit of a fool, and attempts to make others laugh rather than fight, often at his own expense. He has a travel worn bag that goes with him wherever he goes and he will always take the time to collect it if separated. As a wanderer he also never passes up an opportunity to fill his stomach, knowing full well what its like to be without food.

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