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    Finn Johnson


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    Finn Johnson Empty Finn Johnson

    Post by NoviceOfLegend on Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:37 am

    Name: Finn Z.Johnson
    Epithet: Finale
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Occupation:Captain and Engineer Hobbyist

    Appearance:African, low cut afro, toned, tall, wears marine uniform with a tie that is covered with various pirate flags.
    Hair Color:Black
    Skin Tone:Light-brown
    Height:6" 2"
    Weight:230 lb

    Personality:Philosopher, Tough Love, Hero
    Likes:Philosophy, Justice, Death of evil, Thinking about freedom.
    Dislikes:Pirates, Himself, Land
    Motivations:He wants to seek what is true justice and not just pictures painted for him by people.
    Fears:Never making father proud.
    Behavior/Habits:He carries a Devil Fruit in a indestructible box on his belt. Every night he opens it up and thinks about why he shouldn't eat it.
    Finn grew up in the Boney Island, a circle of islands with a town floating in the middle. He grew up with people praising pirates for there fight for freedom and sticking it to Marines. Finn grew up told he should be a pirate like his ancestors before him. One day Finn asked his father some questions.
    "Dad, why are Marines so bad?"
    "Because they destroy our freedom."
    "But aren't they just trying to protect people from being pillaged?"
    "Those are only the bad pirates son."
    "So the Marines should stop the bad pirates?"
    "You can't trust them they are just as bad as the bad pirates."
    "But there has to be good on-"
    "That's enough go to bed."
    Finn grew up thinking every night after that conversation. When time came to leave home he pretended to join his brother's crew. His father gave Finn a parting gift for living up to the family name, Finn received the Finale Finale Fruit. Finn holds the fruit dear...he hasn't eaten it after lying to his parents...probably never will until he becomes a pirate.

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