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    Eiichi Fuwa


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    Character Name: Eiichi Fuwa
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    Eiichi Fuwa Empty Eiichi Fuwa

    Post by Heartsmith on Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:16 am

    Name: Eiichi Fuwa
    Epithet: (None for the moment)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Doctor

    Appearance: Eiichi is a freckled boy with blonde haired and blue eyes.His hair is rather curly and often covers his eyes.He wears a blue and white shirt with a belt around it, he also wears long brown pants with a satchel containing basic medical items.

    Hair Color: Blonde
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 153

    Personality: Eiichi is a cheerful young boy he's usually having fun with his friend or crew mates.When he's bored he would spend his time fishing or sleeping.He's a coward when it involves going up against enemies with swords.He's a little clumsy when things get serious leading him with troubles when he's trying to help others.He can be a little dumb sometimes not knowing the difference between sarcasm or being serious.He can take jokes a little seriously sometimes.He get's depressed when people mention family members.He easily gets shy went people complement his skills as a doctor.


    Being rushed while he's working
    People thinking he's not capable of treating the injured

    Get revenge on the pirate who killed his parents
    Visit famous areas on the world

    The Dark
    Not able to help friends in need

    Behavior/Habits: He tends to belive things others say regardless of whether they're allies or enemies.

    History: Eiichi was raised on Loguetown in the Polestar Islands.On his 13th birthday his parents got him a colorful parrot he called Fly.He always went all over town with Fly helping elders with their chores.After he helped elders do their chores he went and bought treats for him and Fly to eat.Eiichi and Fly usually went to the fish market to see all kinds of fish there and to check out the new species of fish brought there. Both of them liked fish ,it was their favorite type of food.

    One day his parents went out and he proceded to go out with Fly as usual.He went to the fish market and stared at the fish and asking question to the owner of the market.It was getting dark and he decided to head back to his home, on his way back he saw a crowd nearby and he went to check out what happened.When he went to see what happened he stared in shock seeing both of his parents lifeless on the floor with cuts on them.He overheard civilians murmuring about a pirate being on the town that day.

    He went through a depression and locked himself on the house, Fly kept bringing Eiichi food worried of him.Eiichi would barely move he though his life was over.Fly  worried about him and he considered bringing him something special for him. He got some of Eiichi's saved Beri on a pouch and went outside.It was cloudy that day Fly went to find a shop in the city but it was closed, disappointed he went back to the house on his way he saw the town square crowded and a man on the execution platform.

    Fly went quickly to the house and entered through the window to start squawking at Eiichi.He slowly looked up at Fly confused wondering what he wanted.Since he couldn't deny him he stood up and followed Fly to the crowd where he saw a man about to be executed by what looked like a clown to him proceded by lightning striking on them.He stared in shock seeing the man had somehow survived the lightning with barely a scratch on him, he hid in a corner as marines started charging that way.He got dazzled seeing the marines standing no chance against those men.Eiichi had almost forgotten about his parents as he watched those men he started wanting to be just like them.He studied books of medicine and cures for 2 year after being done he decided he would go on a journey with Fly to see new places.

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