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    Alexander Leonhart


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    Alexander Leonhart Empty Alexander Leonhart

    Post by Alistair798 on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:31 am

    Name: Alexander Leonhart
    Epithet: Heavenly (Tengoku no Arekusandaä)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: A young man wearing a black and gold trench coat with armor gloves and boots, blonde long hair falling over his right eye, disguising his heterochromia (his left eye is sky blue while his right eye is crimson red), with a builded up body fit for a fighter like him.
    Hair Color: Bright Blonde
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 6'9 ft
    Weight: 90 kg

    Personality: Alexander is a person of great humanism and braveness. Having been born as heir to a noble family, the Leonharts, he was raised being told to always put others’ needs before his own, to protect the weak and the innocent and to fight the corrupt and evil. Because of his noble origin and the way he was raised, he isn’t afraid to put himself in harm’s way even for total stranger, although that leaves him in disadvantage against enemies who can deceive others easily. On the other hand, he’s got quite the reputation amongst the people he saves, as a ‘’Good Pirate’’, so he counts with some townsfolk support in some islands.  Basically, his personality can be narrowed down in: Innocent, brave, strong, very protective, cheerful and warm with nakamas/crew, humble and naïve to many things. He is rarely seen without a warm smile on his face, but when he does frown, his wrath is something to be feared, even more considering his Devil Fruit feeds on strong emotions to become stronger at times of need.
    Likes: Being around his friends/crew, staying under sunlight and outdoors, train with his nakamas
    Dislikes: Watching someone (especially if they're dear to him) get hurt, dark/narrow places, Liars
    Motivations: Finding his family if they are alive, if they aren't, retrieve the family heirloom from whatever part of the world it is now (They are Devil Fruits eaten by his family). End corruption in the world.
    Fears: Darkness, Claustrophobia, Blood
    Behavior/Habits: Alex usually behaves in a calm and warm way, walking at normal pace instead of running like most hot-blooded people. He likes to joke around with his crew, and has a certain habit of modifying a bit his personality so he pleases everyone in the crew: He acts like a fool and goofs around with the childish, becomes hardened and picks up fights with the stuck ups, and acts normally in front of the mature, calm ones at the crew. He also has a certain habit when someone compliments him, blushing a bit and looking away while he thanks that person. Other habits of him would include playing around with his hair (or someone else's if they are close), changing his bang from the right side to the left side of the face to show his red eye to his enemies when angry and hide the blue one, easily get drunk (on barely smelling alcohol he goes down like a rock) and severely change his personality upon any kind of romantic suggestion, becoming suddenly shy and awkward, an usual gag for the crew to laugh at. His normal behavior is that of a noble, mature, calm person who enjoys life and adventure.
    History: Alexander Leonhart was born in a quiet village in South Blue, as a heir to the Leonhart family. In his 10th birthday, his parents made a ball to celebrate, inviting the entire village including the local Marines to it. However, something went wrong: the Marines, in a corrupted attempt to claim the family heirloom, started a full attack against the Leonharts using all the local troops and under the pretext of smuggling. The five Leonharts had no choice but to hide in their secret basement, where they kept the only treasure that they hadn't given to the people of the village: Five Devil Fruits, each one as powerful as the others. As they knew they needed those powers to escape, they played russian roulette and picked randomly a Devil Fruit. His father got a Logia Devil Fruit, his siblings a Paramecia Type and his mother an Ancient Zoan Type. The one that Alex picked was a Paramecia type, the Aru Aru no Mi (Alchemy Alchemy fruit). There was no time, they needed to escape to make sure their heirloom would remain untouched (those DF have always belonged to a Leonhart, though many didn't eat them and just kept them locked on a chest). They all had to go separate ways to avoid being detected, but just before managing to escape Alex heard many gunshots. He then thought his family was shot down, and while crying for them he fulfilled their wish and escaped to the nearest village, swearing to become stronger and to master his Devil Fruits powers. 9 years later, he has finished his Devil Fruit basic training and decides to become a Pirate, to fight the corruption and have the freedom to recover his family's Devil Fruits before someone else manages to eat them. He makes himself a reputation of a Pirate who hunts down other pirates and gives them in for a reward, and gets his first Bounty, although it was pretty low (just 700 berrys). His dream is to be reunited with his family again, and to end corruption in the world.


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