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    adding new charater Blade L Creeps

    Blade L Creeps
    Blade L Creeps

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    Character Name: Blade L Creeps
    Primary Skill: hand to hand combat
    Secondary Skill: rokushiki-shigan(training)-soru(training)

    adding new charater Blade L Creeps Empty adding new charater Blade L Creeps

    Post by Blade L Creeps on Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:04 am

    I would like you to add my character to the registered characters. I have read your rules and would like to join your community of fans. I dont know if i haft to do anything but what ever it is(must be reasonable) ill do it to it to the best of my abilities as a fan. if your wondering why my name is blade l creeps is because first my character is a go with the flow type of guy and people find it odd and creepy,and second the blade is because anytime i can backstab someone i will unless its a good friend or common goal.

    Shocked Have a good day.

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