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    Bonney D. Serena (WIP)


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    Bonney D. Serena (WIP) Empty Bonney D. Serena (WIP)

    Post by spiderking on Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:31 pm

    Bonney D. Serena (WIP) Pirate

    Name: Bonney D. Serena

    Epithet: The Spider Witch

    Age: 39

    Gender: Female

    Race: human

    Sexuality: straight

    Affiliation: Pirate

    Occupation: Captain


    Hair Color: Red

    Skin Tone: White

    Height: 6ft 7ins

    Weight: 145lbs


    Likes: Arachnids, fine wines, fine clothes

    Dislikes: World Nobles, spicy foods, warm desserts

    Motivations:  motivated by a dislike of the World Nobles and a loning for power and wealth that she believes allows one to live as one chooses

    Fears:  Fears slavery and being betrayed by those she cares for.



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