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    Neon (DOOOONE!)


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    Neon (DOOOONE!) Empty Neon (DOOOONE!)

    Post by ♠Neon♠ on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:43 am

    Name: Neon
    Epithet: Blue Devil
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Weapon Master

    Appearance: Neon is pale, her hair is long and is tied into pigtails. Her eyes are blue but rarely purple and her left eye sometimes glow. She is flat chested. She usually wears a black tunic with zippers across the edges, black bikini top, and black mini-shorts. But her belt's color is either black, blue or white. Her boots reaches below her knees and has one inch heels. Yet sometimes she wears different garments too. Her appearance might be deceiving but she actually is cheerful.

    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 43 kg

    Personality: She loves pranking people. Neon has two different personalities when it comes inside and outside the battle. She hates to be left out and be avoided but also hates crowded places at the same time. Neon doesn't tell anybody her surname since it sounds too 'evil' for her even though her family isn't 'that' evil. When she is waken up by someone she sees everything as a battlefield and goes into battle mode then calls anyone that she sees, weird names. Neon is very cheerful and thinks before she acts but she sometimes acts before she thinks too. Behind all these things about her, she isn't as dumb as anyone could ever think. She just doesn't show it; her knowledge is in between average and intelligent. She only read books when at home or when she's extremely bored and listens to music, also in her 'alone' time. Neon is friendly and immature yet she is polite and doesn't lack in manners; specifically table manners. She does gets lazy at times and prefers to do nothing than to do something that she usually do. But when not in the mood she acts even more mature and serious than anybody else; well, it actually depends on what she have eaten. When she is scared or nervous, she acts braver than her usual self. She can go insane or psychotic but it only happen when she's feeling extreme pain either mentally or physically in which only happens in pretty rare events since she isn't very fund of fighting, herself probably because she knows on what will happen if she did feel such extreme pain. Neon has a somewhat macabre side to her, and often points out gross or morbid facts. Neon will usually be the first to speculate that a crewmate has met or will meet with a horrible fate, often going into grisly detail. In other instances, she will express enthusiasm for anything with a horror theme. Although she is often imagining bizarre, silly or cute images, she will rarely give voice to these thoughts since she finds it not too important for her. One of Neon's defining traits is her utter lack of showing fear regarding a situation as she usually maintains a positive and even cheerful demeanor. She is very confident and rarely gets loss for words. Neon is slightly a tsundere and also slightly a yandere. She rarely gets angry because she always think positive things and also thinks on what may be the cause on why one is acting something that may anger or disappoint someone. Neon tries her best to not reveal her negative side and stays on the positive one. Neon hides her real feelings and sticks to the fake ones. She acts innocent at times even though she isn't but it's just natural for her to act innocent yet she also is honest and admits on what she have done wrong.  She is very loyal to the person she is serving.

    When Neon is in battle she acts serious and is more focused on her battle with her opponent. Despite her 'out-battle' attitude, she doesn't end up destroying anything that isn't supposed to be destroyed. She never underestimate her opponent, weak or strong. She sees everybody equally. She doesn't fight with no reason. When her left eye glows blue it only means that she is either even more serious or seriously angry. But when it's purple it only means that she is either being insecure about winning or is already insane in which only happens in very rare occasions.


    • Red - it is her favorite color and it is the color of blood.
    • Blood - she just likes it but she doesn't like violence.
    • Neon colored colors - she just loves the color of neon.
    • Night - for her it is very relaxing.
    • Rainy season - she loves the rain. It gives life to everything.
    • White tigers - let's just say... she pairs two people in her book and the white tiger is their animal symbol.
    • Music - it makes her feels her.
    • Water- she feels Free!
    • Blue and Black - two of her favorite colors.
    • Pink - she always loved the hue of pink but it doesn't mean that she's girly.
    • Animals - they're cute especially blob fish.


    • Dead rat - it's disgusting.
    • Calling her a girl or something related to girls - makes her really angry.
    • Girly stuff - it insult her.
    • Dirty places - it makes her feel not groomed.
    • Heat - she hates to sweat and hates sweat.
    • Moss - disgusting.


    • Getting stronger - she wants to be stronger to protect those she love.
    • Nature - nature makes her feel to keep on living and it always give her the meaning of life.
    • Darkness - she isn't evil but yes, it makes her motivated to do nice things.


    • Heights - it makes her feel like that she is falling.
    • Failing - failing isn't in her vocabulary; meaning she is afraid to fail someone like
    • she did on the past.
    • Being too weak - she feels worthless to everybody.
    • Gore stuff - something that she have seen from her past.

    Behavior/Habits: Neon has a bit of acting braver than she usually is when she is feeling nervous or scared/afraid. Neon hides her real feelings and sticks to the fake ones. She acts innocent at times even though she isn't but it's just natural for her to act innocent yet she also is honest and admits on what she have done wrong. One of Neon's defining traits is her utter lack of showing fear regarding a situation as she usually maintains a positive and even cheerful demeanor. She also has a habit of saying creepy stuff that she thought of as naturally cute and describe stuff with colors.
    History: Neon's family is poor which means that they aren't wealthy. They were so poor that they didn't even bother to feed themselves, they only bother to feed Neon. She was raised in a very poor village. One day, pirates attacked their village and was demanding for crops, money, gold etc etc. But they villagers couldn't give them on what they wanted since their crops are the only things that keeps them living and that they don't have anything else that they wanted and so they attacked them. Not keeping anyone alive, but of course they don't just kill them. They torture the villagers first, including the young ones. Eventually Neon was just 3 years old at that time. She suffered for 2 years. She swore to herself that she will be a Marine and kill all pirates out there. She overheard the pirates that they will blow up the island on where she was living and so she told the others. They made a plan about it but it wasn't a success since the pirates saw them. Only Neon survived because of her devil fruit abilities. She ate a devil fruit when she was demanded to roam around the island for a whole week, on the 5th day, she found a weird looking fruit. It was too weird for her to eat but she ate because of hunger.

    The day of bombing the island came. Neon didn't know on how to use her devil fruit powers and she didn't even know that it was one up until she turned 10 years old. She survived only because a member of the pirates saved her from it. Guess, not all pirate members of a pirate ship are bad at all. That pirate unfortunately died because he was caught saving someone that they shouldn't. Years later(7 years old), Neon was studying pirates from books. She stumbled upon a pub with an old bartender serving. She was sitting on a stool until the bartender talked on how good pirates are but Neon protested and talked about the pirates that she encountered. The bartender told her something that not all pirates are bad and that not all marines are good; specifically most of the Marines are scum. Of course, Neon didn't believe until she saw it one day. She saw on how some Marines treated people. It was injustice yet they are using the word 'justice'. She was angered and then she asked more about Marines to people that she talks to. A day came when she saw a group of pirates, saving people. She was in disbelief on what she have just seen. And those pirates took care of her, that is only because she begged to go with them and used her puppy dog eyes. She joined in many battles alongside with them since they taught her on how to wield a swords, katanas and blades.

    When she became 10 years of age, she accidentally got kicked out of the pirate ship and was actually drowning and can't swim. The pirates saved her then found out that she was a devil fruit eater. They trained her until she was 12, when she got exactly 12. Marines were attacking them. They lost but Neon survived again then she continued her pirate journey...

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    Post by ♠Neon♠ on Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:36 pm


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