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    Nagakami, Bhairyuu


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    Nagakami, Bhairyuu Empty Nagakami, Bhairyuu

    Post by Bhairyuu on Sun May 03, 2015 11:52 am

    Name: Bhairyuu Nagakami
    Age: 21 years
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Revolutionary
    Occupation: Doctor

    Bhairyuu possesses a towering height of 6 foot 3 inches and weighs in at 180 pounds with his build being decently athletic and his skin having a sun-kissed tone due to all the time he spent outside in the sun practicing his martial arts skills.

    His jet black hair is now fairly long and its texture is quite coarse due to being constantly dried by the sun’s heat and since he prefers to tie it up in a high ponytail like his dad, his bangs are non-existent, although his sideburns do extend from his ears to 2.0 inches above the angle of his lower jaw.

    His eyes are almond shaped and his iris is of a golden color. His teeth are straight and he has rather high cheekbones. All of these give him sharply defined facial features. His arms are of the normal length like any other person’s although his legs are quite a bit longer than the average with his bone structure throughout his body being of medium density.

    His appearance would have been perfect if it was not for the scar he received from his mom’s shuriken in its attempt to get him to wake up from one of his naps. The scar is on the right side of his face extending from 2.5 cm above his eyebrow to 2.5 cm below his lower eyelid and it runs across both eyelids.

    As far as his clothing goes, when he was at the university, he wore their uniform, but now he can be seen wearing a comfortable navy blue half jacket with a high collar, long loose sleeves, and a series of fasteners running down the right side above and below, he completes the outfit with a pair of navy blue trousers and black steel-toe combat boots. On his hands, he wears black finger-less gloves with the dorsum of the gloves being reinforced with a plate of crimson red metal and the knuckle region with a strip of the same crimson red metal, both bonded to the semi-thick, soft cloth permanently.

    The gloves have a roughened patch of leather on the palm side to increase his grip. Inside, he has a jet black muscle tee which goes up enclosing his whole neck and ends by covering the lower half of his face, especially his mouth and nose and below he wears equally form-fitting black boxer shorts extending till 3 inches above his knee. His forearms are wrapped snugly with black bandages. These extend down his forearms from 3 inches below elbow till 3 inches below wrist. His legs are wrapped in black bandages of the same length and color as the ones on his forearms. On his head, he wears a black fedora and he shields his eyes from the bright sunlight and from the eyes of others with a pair of performance shades. All of the articles above have metallic golden highlights running vertically along their borders.

    Hair Color: jet black with crimson red highlights
    Skin Tone: tanned
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 180 lb.

    Lazy: Bhairyuu is a rather lazy guy, preferring to take things easy as often as he can, that is, whenever Sakuya, his childhood friend and Izanami, his dear mother are not watching him like hawks. This preference carries over to his battle style when in a battle and tends to make him prefer setting up arena hazards and other status effects so that his comrades have an easier time dealing with those of his opponent. That way, neither he nor his comrades expend too much energy trying to overpower his opponent through sheer force. He can often be found taking naps outside on nice sunny days with a cool zephyr blowing through the area when not busy doing anything else.

    Calculating: Bhairyuu’s second most prominent characteristic is that he takes life to be a giant strategy game. Due to this, he always uses his near genius level intellect to constantly improve his efficiency at executing various tasks and also to find ways around any obstacles he might face rather than powering through them via pure determination. His calculating nature causes him to continually look out for his own self interest as well as that of the people closest to him and use his intellect to secure his side the better end of any deal offered to him. Due to his keen intellect and calculating nature, he is also drawn to various strategy games of which he like go and shogi the most. He can often be found engrossed in these games when he is not out napping, cloud watching in the fields, and indulging his other hobbies. In battle, his calculating nature translates into his preference to defeat opponents by outwitting them since it saves him and his comrades the trouble exerting too much of their strength to beat their opponents into submission. Bhairyuu’s calculating nature affects his social life as well since it causes him to observe any new acquaintance closely in each of their interactions to determine whether or not it would be advantageous for him to befriend them.

    Calm: Bhairyuu is not easily rattled by surprises and keeps his cool in all but the most trying of circumstances. This trait allows him to assess a situation objectively and take the best possible route to resolve it. Furthermore, since he can keep a calm face even during a strenuous battle, he can be a difficult opponent for any who win by reading into their opponent’s body language and facial expressions.

    Introverted: Bhairyuu is not the most outgoing of people, and as such, he prefers to keep to himself most of the time and that time is usually spent in activities like spending time with his friends, napping, playing shogi or go, training his martial art skills and reading mystery novels. However, if he is addressed by another person, he will usually respond in a courteous manner, but he never bothers with being officious towards the person. Due to this rather introverted nature of his, Bhairyuu has a smaller than usual social circle which consists of his family/clan, his closest friend Sakuya and any other acquaintances that the former two make him known to during everyday life.

    Chauvinistic: Bhairyuu is moderately chauvinistic in his view towards females which has cost him many a spar with Sakuya and his mom. He goes easy on them in battle since he feels he would hurt their feelings if he unleashed his full abilities. Furthermore, when he is out at a restaurant with a woman, he never allows them to pay for themselves. Instead, he makes the reservations at the restaurants and pays for them in advance of actually arriving there so he does not have to hear any troublesome arguments from them. In battle, he will try to protect his female companions even at the risk to his own life.

    Loyal: Bhairyuu is intelligently loyal to those around him whether it be his family, his friends, or other associates/colleagues. As long as they are not engaging in any acts that he considers immoral, he will do his best to support then with the full extent of his abilities whenever he can use them.

    Money-Loving: Bhairyuu never gives up any lucrative opportunity that comes his way. The only exceptions to this is if the opportunity involves doing what is immoral by his standards or if one such contract ends up being too dangerous for the health of either his comrades, friends, or himself. He has no qualms about letting such contracts go since he figures he can always pick up a less troublesome contract. Otherwise, this trait of his causes him to take on missions which are on the riskier side of things as those often have higher payout.

    Patient: Bhairyuu is a fan of the slow and steady approach as he was constantly reminded by his dad that doing things slowly and deliberately will ultimately always yield better results than if one were to rush through things in an attempt to get them done as quickly as possible. This above average patience of his come in handy when dealing with particularly intractable individuals, whether they be humans or other beings as he eventually gets them to come over to his side by wearing their resistance down little by little. This trait of his also prevents otherwise silly mistakes on his part, whether in everyday life or in battles and saves him from many a troublesome situation that may otherwise arise if he were to be hasty.

    Determined: Bhairyuu can be very determined in certain situations. If he knows he stands a good chance of being successful in a certain venture, he will doggedly pursue that venture to the very end. This trait of his is particularly apparent in his dealings with people. If he genuinely desires a certain person to be on his side and if their behavior towards him shows that they are inclined to want to be with him, then he will relentlessly pursue them in his attempt to convince them to join his cause and usually succeeds thanks to the combination of his determination and his patience.

    Detail Oriented: Despite, Bhairyuu's incorrigible laziness, his inherent audio- and photographic memory tend to make him quite detail oriented in his endeavors. However, his trait of his is both a blessing and a curse, given the situation. In his dealings with people or with opponent's battles, his eiditic memory gives him the edge when he has prior knowledge of target's habits or his opponent's battle style. He uses these to his advantage to secure his victory against the opponent in question or if victory is impossible, to at least fight them to a standstill. This detail-oriented nature of his also ensures that he does not get hopelessly lost in familiar locales and it also helps him remember any important tasks he has to do, saving him from getting into trouble with either his superiors at work or his mom and Sakuya. This trait can be problematic since it makes him a bit of a perfectionist, and so his refusal to give up doing something until he can do it perfectly can wear on the nerves of any people in his acquaintance. Of course, since he holds himself to the same standards that he holds everybody else, it takes the edge off and causes them to be understanding with him.

    Likes: wine, beautiful, strong and intelligent women, wealth of all kinds
    Dislikes: World Government among others
    Motivations: to gain as much wealth, knowledge, and strength as he can
    Fears: water, fear itself,

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