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    Boomi Flames Empty Boomi Flames

    Post by Explosion King on Wed May 13, 2015 4:39 am


    Name: Boomi Flames
    Epithet: Bio Bomb
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Gay

    Affiliation: Marine
    Occupation: Vice Admiral


    Appearance: Refer to Photo
    Hair Color: Orange with hints of Red
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 152


    Personality: Boomi is reckless, endangering, and an overall nuisence until his elite fighting skills are needed. He is an exceptional Hand-to-Hand combatant and often does as he please, not as he is told. Despite this, he and the marines coexist because although he can be a pain, his heart is kind and his soul is pure. .
    Behavior/Habits: Still and yet, he has an acute fondness of explosives and things that go boom. This is shown when he gets his name changed officially from Skylar Swells to Boomi Flames. His tendencies have gotten him in more trouble than he can actually remember, making him a person to not be around when angry. Subsequently, he is known to have an explosive temper.
    ~Anything that goes boom
    ~People who like things that go boom
    ~People who make things go boom
    ~Things that don't go Boom
    ~People how don't allow him to make things go boom
    ~Rude people
    ~To make the world a more explosive place
    ~To help people and get them to understand things that go boom
    ~Not being able to make something go boom
    ~Anti-boom objects
    History: Boomi was raised on an island in the West Blue that was boring and bare. It was so boring that he made his own fun by wreaking havoc with self-made explosives. This made him unliked and pushed him even further away from the villagers and, eventually, his family and the few friends he had. When a pirate ship came to raid the island, he stowed away on their ship and unofficially changed his name. This was significant for him because it was the point in his life where things turned around. He would no longer be restricted by anything, nothing would restrict him any longer.

    On the ship, the pirates were wary of a stranger kid, but they understood him. They welcomed him and even offered him a place on the crew, but he declined. He stated that he loved the free lifestyle, but the raiding wasn't for him. When he was restricted with nothing better to do on the island, that was understandable, but when they were only restricted by their imagination and will, he couldn't see the benefit in it.

    So he got off at a shipmaking island. It housed a marine base and he enlisted. The commander of the base was only wary of his explosive tendencies. As a compromise, it was decided that instead of sleeping, Boomi would meditate. This would help to null his tendencies while also enlightening him. To their surprise, it didn't just enlighten him to regular standards, but to ungodly standards, giving him proficiency in the ability known as Life Return. After several years, he had become in tune with himself. This was a surprise that worked to his benefit. Now he is a Vice Admiral in the marines and uses explosive abilities that he later gained from the Bomu Bomu no mi combined with his Life Return that he has trained to exemplary lengths and Arms Haki.

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