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    Liam 'The Revolutionary Pheonix' Parnwell


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    Race : Human
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    Crew : The Pheonix Pirates
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    Liam 'The Revolutionary Pheonix' Parnwell Empty Liam 'The Revolutionary Pheonix' Parnwell

    Post by RevolutionaryPheonix on Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:53 pm

    Name: Liam Parnwell
    Epithet: The Revolutionary Pheonix
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: The Pheonix Pirates
    Occupation: Pirate

    Appearance: One dark brown eye and the other is black. A black trench coat that covers up most of his body along with his arms up to his chest where a white shirt hanging out (Fairly simular to shanks). He wears black boots and black gloves with a slight tear on the right hand over the palm(gained during training). He wears normal black leggings that have no damage or specialties. He also wears a black hat that usually hangs over his face so that many can't see his eyes.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Slightly Tanned
    Height: 6'1 feet
    Weight: 149lbs

    Personality: He shows slight signs of anger problems as if you get on his bad side he will instantly react and threaten anyone in his way, unlike with his friends or crew he is jolly and happy.
    Likes: His crew, His Friends, Being Chivalrous And Hunting down powerful enemies
    Dislikes: Enemies, People Who Threaten His Friends Or Crew, Marines And People In General.
    Motivations: Protecting His Friends/Family. Getting Further In His Career Or In The Grand Line.
    Fears: Falling In The Sea, Losing To A Powerful Enemy, Losing Friends.
    Behavior/Habits: He sleeps a lot more than a usual human but can awake in a moments notice at a noise he doesn't recognise or like.
    History: When he was little he ate a devil fruit by accident after searching through a barrel on a ship (that he didn't know was pirate at the time), he was homeless and starving and trying to find somewhere to sleep or something to eat and satisfy his hunger but when the pirate crew found him they made him their 'slave'/cabin boy for 3 years of their journey where he quickly learnt to fight with swords and train his new powers from the devil fruit (The Tori Tori No Mi = Pheonix Model) he rapidly realised that he was already more powerful than his kidnappers and started a mutiny that was over in a matter of minutes. The ship was taken and the crew dead, He set out on his dream of travelling the sea and sailing the grand line.

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