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    Crew Registration Template/Information


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    Official Topics Crew Registration Template/Information

    Post by Admin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:03 pm

    ( Note #1* - You need two role-players to agree to be on your crew. It doesn't matter if you stay together the entire game, but starting out everyone needs to be in a crew with one another, in some way shape or form. When there are three members total in a crew, they can register that crew here, and then begin role-playing. You must complete this. If you can't find a crew you wish to join, pick one at random and ask it's Captain to join. )

    ( Note #2* - You are allowed NPC crew members that can not fight but do mundane actions/interactions with your crew. They are simply here for story purposes and provide no actual help and are considered worthless members of your crew. Being Level 1 fodder with no stats whatsoever, yet being strong enough to bully civilians. HOWEVER: In tasks they have enough fighting prowess to handle themselves against other level 1 mobs you may be facing. Use them as you wish, as they can enhance your roleplay topics should you know how to use them properly.)

    Name of Crew: (What's the name of your crew?!)
    Name of Ship: (What's the name of your crew's Flagship?!)
    Captain: (Who's the Captain?)
    First Mate: (Who's the First Mate?)
    Second Mate: (Who's the Second Mate?)

    Goals: (What are the goals of your crew?)

    Motto: (What is your Crew's Motto / Saying or Statement That Defines The Crew?)

    Crew History: (How old is your crew? Is it a Legendary one? Is it a brand new one? What accomplishments has your crew made? Is your crew more inclined towards good, or evil actions? What kind of reputation does your crew have on the endless seas?)

    Limitations / Requirements: (What are your / the requirements for being eligible or able to join (blank) crew?!)

    Copy & Paste The Code Below Into Your Crew Application

    [b]Name of Crew:[/b]
    [b]Name of Ship:[/b]
    [b]Captain: [/b]
    [b]First Mate: [/b]
    [b]Second Mate:[/b]



    [b]Crew History:[/b]

    [b]Limitations / Requirements:[/b]

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