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    Groups Information

    Moderators are specific players in-game that have the ability to approve/deny applications for your character, crew, task, etc. Moderators are here to SERVE players - and in no right are they meant to look down on players. A player part of the moderator group gains special benefits while they are a moderator - benefits will be taken when removed as moderator.

    *The Four Yonko
    The Four Yonko are the four strongest pirates in the New World. They usually have underlings that serve them, and each one of them are incredibly strong enough to take on the World Government themselves. They should be feared throughout the New World as seeing one of them would be INCREDIBLY lucky... or unlucky depending on what side you are on. Each Yonko automatically has a single Island under their protection upon being in this group. They receive a bi-weekly berri tribute from their island.

    Shichibukai are the seven warlords of the sea, they are pirates that side with the World Government and serve them. Although they are affiliated with the World Government, they are without a doubt also pirates. These warlords are usually incredibly recognized pirates that deserve the attention, fame, and glory that the title provides. They commit most crimes in peace, so long as it doesn't get back to the World Government that they were to blame. They function as a deterrent to new Pirates.

    These are the pirates who have gained a reputation for causing trouble by the World Government, and are the forerunners on the wanted list established by the World Government. They do not have the political sway of Yonko, and are not under the Government's command as Shichibukai, allying mostly with themselves. Individuals classified as Supernovas are either respected or feared by their peers, and are noticed by Yonko. They have no beneficial perk beyond their infamy.

    Pirates are those that wish to seek adventure in the sea, they can be part of a crew - or roam freely as they please by themselves. Pirates can range from weak to strong - and usually most pirates are ill-mannered. Pirates look for treasures, and chase after their dreams. Pirates can rise up to the top and become one of the Four Yonko, OR step up to the challenge and become PIRATE KING.

    The three admirals and the fleet admiral are the strongest marines the World Government has to offer. They are on active on a daily basis to dedicate themselves on ending the pirate era. They are usually role-models to all other marines and have absolute control over all other marines. They can call Buster Calls on any island in the Old World, and have virtually no sway in the New World. They are feared by all in the Old World, and are known for their sheer strength. Any attacking of a Noble gives Admirals the right to enter the topic without invites. They do whatever they wish.

    Marines are those that serve justice and punish those that break the laws, defy the World Government, and focus on ending the pirate era. Marines are usually well-mannered, but some marines can be corrupted, evil, and can even have a distorted view on justice. Marines are given three strikes before they are branded as criminals, allowing them to have an unethical morality choice three times around their peers without any negative things happening to them. Things done in private do not count.

    Revolutionists are those that wish to overthrow the World Government & the Nobles by freeing slaves, destroying kingdoms, and directly challenging the World Government. Revolutionists usually move behind the scenes and are focused on fulfilling their duties. The commander of the Revolutionary Army is without a doubt one of the strongest in the world as they have to face against admirals, and the seven warlords. They are respected by many non-loyalist parties, and are allowed passage in all seas without repercussions. Due to the fact that Revolutionaries are generally accepted both in the Old and New World.


    A player is a player that hasn't decided their affiliation as a pirate, revolutionist, or a marine. So they wait until they do so - or they still don't have their applications approved.

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