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    Heaven's Winter

    Azure Snow

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    Official Topics Heaven's Winter

    Post by Azure Snow on Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:44 am

    Heaven's Winter

    Captain: Azure D. Snow

    First Mate: Leo D. Morgan

    Second Mate: Lazarus

    Crew Member: Leon L.H.

    Crew Member: -To Be Announced-

    Goals: Being a Marine crew our Duty was to uphold justice, however, as soon as we decided to go against the government and become pirates our crew's goal was to take over as many islands as we would like and go on a massive adventure, Defying the Government every step of the way.

    "Like a gentle snowflake falling from the sky we come down to cleanse what has been dirtied; Like a Beautiful Avalanche We bring the power of what seemed harmless to Engulf Those who threaten Us."

    Crew History:

    The Beginning Of Heaven's Winter:

    --After Azure D. Snow Kills a marine captain She decides to become a pirate to enjoy freedom. The S.F.A. sets sail to Find Her crew and to eventually conquer the grandline.

    Limitations / Requirements:
    I want Active members that will help eachother out in character and out of character. other than that, there is no limitations-- we are pirates. Razz.


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