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    List of Devil Fruits Taken


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    Official Topics List of Devil Fruits Taken

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:20 pm

    Devil Fruit's Taken


    - Pressure Pressure No Mi [Pressure Pressure Fruit] - (White Fist Gray)

    - Dan'yaku Dan'yaku no Mi [Dank'yaku Dan'yaku Fruit] - (Tyler D)

    - Toki Toki no Mi [Time Time Fruit] - (Lazarus)

    - Daia Daia no Mi [Diamond Diamond Fruit - (Hexisdabest)

    - Oto Oto no Mi [Sound Sound Fruit] - (Aika Seiren)

    - Hana-Hana No Mi [Petal Petal Fruit] - (Pink Viper)

    - Potaru Potaru no Mi [Portal Portal Fruit) -(Axel Rover)

    - Zūmu-zūmu no Mi [Zoom-Zoom Fruit] - (Storm Runner)

    - Penki Penki no Mi [Paint Paint Fruit] - (Annalyne Wroth)

    - Dangan-Dangan no mi [Bullet-Bullet Fruit] - (Noir Dulocke)

    - Rūgi-Rūgi No Mi [Energy Energy Fruit] - (Ray Ignazia)


    - Mera Mera no mi [Fire Fruit] - (Phoenix D. Jack)

    - Purazuma Purazuma No Mi [Plasma Fruit] - (Leo D Morgan)

    - Pike Pika no Mi [Light Light Fruit] - (Albion)

    - Goro Goro no Mi [Lightning Lightning Fruit] - (Rylan)

    - Suna Suna no Mi [Sand Sand Fruit] - (Aphrodi)

    - Beta-Beta no mi [Sticky Sticky Fruit] - (Einhardt)

    Animal Zoan

    - Bagu Bagu no Mi [Bug Bug Model: Mantis] - (Axilmeus Steel)

    - Tori Tori no Mi [Bird Bird Model: Eagle] - (Gean Kasme)

    Human Zoan


    Ancient Zoan


    Mythical Zoan

    - Akuma Akuma no Mi [Demon Fruit - Model: Diablo] - (Leon L.H.)

    - Kami Kami No Mi [God Fruit - Model: Iris] - (Rainbow Rain)

    - Tenshi Tenshi no mi [Angel Fruit - Model: Arch Angel] - (Karissa Blaze)

    - Inu-Inu No Mi [Dog Fruit - Model: Cerberus]  - (Grif Oakerden)"inactive"

    -Ryuu-Ryuu no mi [Dragon Fruit - Model: Frost Wyvern] - (Yedidiyah)"inactive"

    Devil Fruit's Taken by NPC's


    - Ken Ken no Mi [Sword Sword  Fruit]  - (Teressa)

    - Sandā Sandā no Mi [Thunder Thunder Fruit] - (Kokushibyō)

    - Mahō Mahō no Mi [Magic Paramecia] - (Pretty Panther)

    - Sakkaku Sakkaku no Mi [Illusion-Illusion Fruit]  - (Roberto Pollack)

    - Rime Rime no Mi [Ice Paramecia] - (Frosty Dame)


    - Chi Chi no Mi [Blood Logia] - (Reginald Black)

    - The Kaibun Kaibun no Mi [Cinder Cinder Fruit] - (Minamy Dragoon)

    Animal Zoan

    - Inu-Inu Model: Wolf Zoan - (Akane Wolfsbane)

    - Inu-Inu Model: Poodle Zoan - (Frankie Kingsly: Second Mate of Gasparde Dublanc-Yonko)

    Human Zoan


    Ancient Zoan


    Mythical Zoan

    - Sakyubasu Sakyubasu no Mi [Succubus Mythical Zoan] - (Laura Goldpine)

    The fruits aboved are taken untill the holder has died and the death has been approved by a staff member.

    Devil Fruit's Banned
    Mythical Zoan: Demon Fox
    Mato Mato no Mi (English versions: Mark-Mark Fruit): Allows the user to lock onto the last person their hand has touched as a target and launch projectiles at said target without missing.
    Ope Ope No Mi (Trafalgar Law's Fruit)
    Water Fruits
    Wind Logias
    Astral Fruits
    Jewelry Bonney's unnamed Devil Fruit, which allows her to manipulate the age of a person and herself. It is suggested that she can not manipulate the age of inanimate objects since the clothing of her victims do not change.
    Issho's unnamed Devil Fruit that gives him the ability of gravity manipulation which creates huge holes.
    Any fruit that lets you control your opponent's actions.
    Sleeping Fruit
    Fruits granting controll over gravity in any way that includes being able to pull people towards you and such.
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    Official Topics Re: List of Devil Fruits Taken

    Post by Storm Runner on Fri May 30, 2014 3:12 pm


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