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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:11 am


    Logue town is a city on the Polestar Islands in East Blue, covering nearly the entire island it is on, save for a few steep hills. Almost all ships, especially pirate ships, pass through to stock up on supplies for the Grand Line, since Logue town is in a convenient location very close to Reverse Mountain, just out of sight of the Red Line. Logue town is situated just north of the Calm Belt and east by north-east of Reverse Mountain's entrance. Therefore, many East Blue pirates stop here to gather supplies, before entering the Grand Line. many pirates are caught before reaching the Grand Line. Normally, the weather is bright and sunny, occasionally partly cloudy.

    Marine Soldier:

    Name: Marine Soldier
    Level: 1
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Good - Neutral
    Appearance: They Wear a White uniform with a blue handkerchief around their necks. They are seen with a weapon of their choosing.  
    Description: Marine Soldiers Patrol Logue town and can be seen pretty much everywhere you go, mostly in groups of two or three. they are there to protect the people and will do anything in their power to do so.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Weapon arts of their choosing. (Sword, Gun, Trident, Ect.)

    FC: N/A

    Logue Town Citizen :

    Name: Logue Town Citizen
    Level: 0
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: People of Loque town wear brighter clothing and can be seen wearing fine jewelry, Hats and other accessories. People here are diverse and have all sorts of different colors of hair, Body Size and other features that set them aside from the rest.  
    Description: These Citizens range in size and shape but they are all Familiar with history and other things of the like. These people range from store clerks to teachers and even fisherman; Logue Town is a big Town filled with People of all ages.

    Skill Mastery:0
    Haki Level:0

    Abilities: N/A

    FC: N/A

    Captain Vince D Prince:

    Name: Captain Vince D Prince
    Level: 1 (Strong)
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Good - Aggressive
    Appearance: Vince wears a long white Marine Jacket that says "Justice" On the back as well as a Fancy white hat that has three long feathers coming out. Vince has Black Boots and Black Pants that have multiple silver buckles on them. his He does not wear a shirt which reveals his Godly Abs and a scar that crosses his chest. He has green eyes and a pin like mustache that curls at the cheeks. He also wields a giant Maul and is always holding it on his shoulder.
    Description: Vince D Prince is the Marine Captain of the Logue Town Base. He stands for justice, equality and all that is right in the world, He welcomes all marines and wonderful people into the city when he is out for a walk but when he sees a pirate he becomes a demon. He is known for destroying pirates who enter this town and will often either kill them or take them in sea stone cuffs.(Always Seastone cuffs just to be careful.)

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Maul Arts. Trapping enemies. Rock Solid Karate.

    FC: N/A

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