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    Devil Fruit Rules & Information


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    Official Topics Devil Fruit Rules & Information

    Post by Admin on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:10 pm

    Devil Fruit Rules

    -Devil Fruit users cannot escape their weaknesses in any way. To do so would be god-modding

    -Devil Fruit users cannot have more than one specific ability. (If you were a fire logia user, it would not make sense to be able to control the smoke you produce.)

    -Devil Fruit users do not necessarily mean they are stronger than non-devil fruit users. Please do not act superior towards players, as anybody can be just as strong as you are regardless of what fruit they have or if they even have a fruit or not.

    -Do not try to make your devil fruit far stronger than what it's potential can be. Creativity serves as your limit to how strong your fruit is.

    -Do not try to cheat your way out of your natural logia weaknesses.

    -Do not try to change your animal zoan to give it features it wouldn't normally have.

    -Do not create a fruit that would be considered god-modding. This would mean having a paramecia that lets you do anything you want in an area would be breaking this rule.

    -Do not attempt to make a hybrid of multiple fruits.


    Devil Fruit Information



    Paramecia fruit users have abilities that affect either the environment, substances, or their body. They are fruits unlike the Logia and Zoan as they don't turn you into an element or an animal. The variety of power stretches from weak powers such as being able to turn your body smaller to a much more destructive power such as the ability to control metal. With the paramecia fruit you can be as creative as you want, ranging from being able to turn water into any other liquid to being able to produce incredibly nasty odors. [/size]

    *Strengths & Weaknesses

    Paramecia fruits have bonus strengths compared to Logia and Zoan fruits such as how Luffy is immune to Enel's lightning logia ability. Another example would be if you could turn your body into metal - you could be able to insulate or absorb heat and cold. Being able to turn your body or produce certain substances may also help benefit you such as turning yourself into steel - thus causing any sharp or blunt objects to deal less damage towards you. Another interesting bonus is that your paramecia ability depends on how creative you are with it.

    Weaknesses such as water and haki apply to the user. Sea salt also prevents the fruit user to be able to use any of their abilities. However, an additional weakness would be that unless your fruit prevents your from average weapons, swords and guns will be able to hurt you. (However, if you're like Buggy - you will be able to be immune to sharp objects such as swords and if you're like Luffy, bullets will ricochet back to your opponents rendering you invulnerable to blunt objects such as bullets and cannon balls.)


    *Normal Zoan Overview

    Zoan fruit users have the ability to turn your body or even parts of your body into an animal or mythical entity such as Buddha, Zeus, Dragons, Leprechauns, and even Unicorns. These fruit users have the ability to turn themselves into an animal depending on the fruit. You also have the ability to turn into a hybrid version of your animal, while also keeping parts of your human body. Zoan fruit users depend mainly on their physical strength as their physical strength multiplies when they use their fruit.

    *Ancient & Mythical Zoan Overview

    These Ancient and Mythical Zoan fruits are considered superior to normal zoans. These zoan fruits can sometimes combine attributes of Logia and Zoan such as Marco the Phoenix. An example being how Marco's flames regenerate any damage dealt to him rendering him invulnerable to average attacks, while also being a phoenix. These Mythical Zoan users can be anything from a Fire Dragon to a Basilisk. Mythical Zoan users can also have a Human Model fruit such as Sengoku who was able to turn himself into Buddha. This would mean that you can turn yourself into any other human entity (without making yourself omnipotent or having impossible to win features). Ancient Zoans can be any prehistoric animal such as Dinosaurs or Sabertooth Tigers. Although they don't share Logia attributes, their brute strength and power make up for that.

    *Strengths & Weaknesses

    Zoan fruit users have the ability to turn into an animal depending on the fruit eaten. They have the ability to turn themselves into hybrids of these animals as well. An example being Rob Lucci who was able to turn himself in a Leopard completely and also turn himself into a hybrid between a Leopard and a human being. They have strengths that essentially enhance their body with attributes they would gain from their animal. An example being if you ate a fruit that turned you into a Rabbit Zoan, this would mean you'd be able to jump really high. If you ate a fruit that turned you into a turtle, you would be able to have a shell that would act like a shield.

    Weaknesses such as water and haki apply to the user. Sea salt also prevents the fruit user to be able to use any of their abilities. Additional weaknesses would be that attacks like bullets and swords can hurt these users, unless they have specific powers such as having a tougher hide than most zoan users. Additional weaknesses such as temperature can still effect certain animals such as how pigs wouldn't be able to survive in extremely cold temperatures. (Although certain animals can also benefit in certain temperatures as well.. such as how polar bears can resist the cold.)


    *Logia Overview

    Logia users are able to turn into their respected element and manipulate it at will. They are said to be some of the strongest and rarest fruits. Logia users can only be based off of natural elements and in such are extremely rare due to the amount of natural elements in the world in comparison to paramecia and zoan which would have thousands of possibilities. These users can turn their body into dust, fire, lightning, or the element depending on the fruit the user has eaten. They are able to generate an unlimited supply of their element, and by turning themselves into their respected element renders them invulnerable to average attacks.

    *Strengths & Weaknesses

    Logia fruit users have the ability to have unlimited access to their respected elements, they also have the ability to regenerate their body when hit rendering them invulnerable to average attacks. Superior logia fruit users can also damage weaker logia fruit users such as Akainu Vs. Ace. Certain logia fruits can also be used to help capture enemies than to deal destructive damage an example being Smoker who can use his smoke to capture enemies instead of dealing mass amounts of damage like Akainu or Kizaru. These fruit users also have the power to withstand climates depending on their fruit. An example being how Ace and Crocodile (Fire and Sand logia users) can withstand the desert. Logia fruit users can use their atmosphere to help them as well.

    Weaknesses such as water and haki apply to the user. Sea salt also prevents the fruit user to be able to use any of their abilities. Additional weaknesses would be that they can't automatically turn their body into their respected elements when an object would be to collide with their body. This would mean that if a sneak attack were upon the logia fruit user - they wouldn't be able to react fast enough to turn their body into the element of their fruit. Other ways would be to use their element's natural weaknesses such as sand and lightning. Using any form of liquid would allow you to hurt a sand logia user, and if you were to use rubber against a lightning logia user you'd be able to negate their abilities. Obviously fire would melt ice, and so on. Superior logia fruits such as magma fruit users would be able to hurt fire logia fruit users.

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