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    Occupations Information


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    Official Topics Occupations Information

    Post by Admin on Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:03 am

    Your occupation is essentially your class whether you’re part of a crew or not. Occupations vary from cook to blacksmith – however there are a set amount of occupations to avoid confusion as to what your role is. There are 3 main combative occupations. However, you can still have a fighting role as any occupation such as a cook or blacksmith. Occupations are used to classify your character’s role in the RPG.

    A hand to hand combat specialist, you can be trained in martial arts or just use free style fighting. This occupation does not require any weapons. Fighters are known to be deadly in close combat and sometimes even mid-range combat. Through their extensive strength and will, they can easily take down opponents. A fighter specializes in aggressive combat.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Speed , + 5 Strength

    A weapons master is a weapons specialist; you can be trained in any type of swordplay including ones you make up. This occupation focuses on weapons equipment, without the use of their weapon they are at an incredible disadvantage. A weapons master specializes in use of melee weapons and is never seen using guns. They can use flails, scythes, nun chucks, and most commonly, swords.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Finesse, + 5 Speed

    A marksman is specialized in the use of guns whether it is a sniper, handgun, shotgun, or even a bazooka. This occupation focuses on mainly gun equipment, and without the use of guns the user would be incredibly vulnerable. Marksmen are very deadly in long range, while in close range combat they are far more vulnerable.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Finesse , + 5 Reflex

    A cook is specialized in creating or providing food to people.  They prepare food for people of the cook’s choosing, and their food can greatly benefit recovery from injuries.  A cook specializes in helping others restore constitution, some are even known to use poison as an advantage.

    Unique Ability: + 2 Speed  , + 2 Finesse, + 2 Strength , + 2 Intelligence ,  + 2 Endurance

    A navigator specializes in directing the correct route or course for ships, they are known to seek adventure. Navigators also have a very keen sense of direction. A navigator specializes in finding out the right path; they are keen leaders and are known to be very precise and accurate when it comes to decision-making. With their precision they can be lethal in combat as well.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Reflex , + 5 Endurance

    A scientist specializes in intelligence, and can be deadly by applying their vast knowledge in combat. They are experienced in the fields of chemistry, biology, and physics. With their vast knowledge, they can be useful in inventing new things. A scientist specializes in solving problems; they can apply their knowledge into fixing a variety of things or even get out of sticky situations.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Intelligence , + 5 Finesse

    A doctor specializes in healing wounds, providing medication to illnesses and diseases, and also knowing all the functions of a person’s body. They are known to be lethal as well with their vast intellectual abilities. A doctor specializes in healing others in far more severe situations such as stab wounds, they are known to be able to perform life saving surgeries or apply their knowledge of medicine, including medicinal herbs to save lives.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Intelligence , + 5 Endurance

    A Champion specializes in the use of Armament Haki, and are considered "Black" something. This is not up for negotiation, they automatically have "Black" in their Epithet. Any shade of black will do, however. They are known for their expert ability to eliminate foes using their skills with Haki. They have savage strength with their Haki control and are capable of doing twice the amount of damage as a normal strike would, opposed to just a slight buff.

    Unique Ability: + 30 Strength & Finesse when armament activated. Busoshoku Haki can be sustained permanently. You can not have a devil fruit. You can never use Haoshoku Haki. You can only use Kenbunshoku Haki twice per topic. You are restricted to hand to hand combat / melee weapons.

    Blacksmiths are a master of the forge and are usually and if they make a large enough progress with their business they can easily become a large influence over a city. But on your crew you would play a much different role, repairing and forging new pieces of metal work and weapon for your crew and ship. Blacksmiths are used to intense heat and hard labour due to their days at the forge making them not to be trifled on the field of battle as a Blacksmith with a hammer is just as deadly as a master swordsman with a katana.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Endurance, +5 Strength

    Musicians are the magicians in a world without magic and could possible change the world with their music no matter how desperate a situation may seem, simple sea shanty will uplift the heart of his friends and allies or even to inspire them to victory in a hopeless situation. With the mastery over their instruments sound waves they could install fear in the hearts of their enemies through the use of illusions or attack using their instrument as a weapon is it using it like a club or by producing sonic blasts/sound wave attacks from them. Depending on the musician’s style of music they could turn the tides of battle.  

    Unique Ability: + 5 Finesse, + 5 Intelligence

    Shipwrights are known for their talent for building, repairing and sailing ships. These professionals are essential to every crew as they are able to repair their crews’ broken ships, and with a little help, even build new ones or even improve the one they currently have. Due to their skills they are handy with tools and could even use them as a weapon if they were needed in a fight.

    Unique Ability: + 5 Finesse, + 5 Endurance

    - Gatsby's Occupation
    Crusader, an occupation for those that seek change in the world. Gatsby, the Dark Crusader has gone through many ventures to get to his current level of power. However, crusader isn't an occupation on being powerful, it's an occupation on protecting others too. As a crusader Gatsby gains more endurance to withstand the upcoming trials that come his way.

    Unique Ability: +20 Endurance

    Gaia's Guardian - Azure Snow's Occupation

    The Gaia's Guardian Is someone who defends the world from demons, undead and all dark creatures. This Guardian Almost always uses a Sword or two while attacking just like a swordsman but uses their inner light to power up the attacks which almost always gives their swords a heavenly Glow. The odd thing about these Men and Women is Even though they defend the world from demons they almost always have characteristics of demon like entities such as Crimson Eyes, Pointed ears and other odd abnormalities. All in all this Occupation is fast, Direct and to the point; People who mess with these people often get struck down in a puddle of crimson blood, Demon or no demon.  

    Unique Ability: + 5 Reflex, + 5 Finesse, + 10 Speed

    Demon Slayer - Leon. L.H.'s Occupation
    Those who call themselves demon slayers are not a people or a nation. They owe allegiance to no king. They are but a remnant – an echo – of those who’ve lost their lives to hellspawn. When their homes are burnt and their families butchered by demons, most newly scarred refugees give up on living – but a few bury their dead, band together, and swear vengeance. Now only one stands, fighting for the lives of many whom the demon took away. Tracking down Demons in every corner of the earth, slaying them one by one.

    Unique Ability: +20 Strength

    Hell's Assassin - Grif Oakerden's Occupation

    In the deepest parts of hell even the darkest of souls fear the Hell's Assassin. The One who has the title of Hell's Assassin Is able to have contact with the dead and even banish evil spirits from the land of the living. all and all the hell's assassin uses a pair of Pistols or other small guns in order to kill their targets from a distance. however, even though they favor the arts of distance killing they are very skilled in close combat and will not hesitate to use the skills they have acquired.  

    Unique Ability: + 10 Dexterity , + 10 Constitution

    Songtress Assassin - Rainbow Rain's Occupation

    From Ancient Times the Powers of the Siren had Led many sailors to their deaths. This Occupation Is all about the sounds of enchantment that lure men and women to the depths of Illusion. The One who uses this rare Occupation is often an assassin and has been trained in the arts of the trade; However, Instead of Daggers or other weaponry The Songtress Assassin is skilled in Music and can even use its different tones to kill Multiple Targets or to Raise confidence and morale of armies. Like the Bards of the old world The Songtress keeps a hold of legends and Myths. They are even said to be travelers between the worlds. This Valuable Occupation is much needed in a world of chaos and will definitely be a factor of Change within its walls of Reality.

    Unique Ability: +10 Intelligence, +10 Reflex

    Spiritual Guru - Yedidiyah's Occupation

    Being raised high in the mountains away from all the stress of the material world. The Guru is able to develop himself spiritually and physically. He Has spent everyday since he was born dedicated to the mastery of himself. When one spends every day surrounded only by nature and the natural elements, he has an ability to perceive what is real and what is not.

    Unique Ability: +5 Intelligence, +15 Reflex

    Freedom Fighter. - Aryeh's Occupation

    A soul that has been torn by poverty, bloodshed, and corruption. All of this exposed to a young child, causes them to develop a strong hatred for such things. Only those who have an indomitable will can handle the hardships that these few people are destined to to have. For only they will not only stand the test of time, but they shall conquer all those who stand in their way. Always rising to the top and defeating any evil force. It is unwise to remain still, when these warriors are on the war path.

    Unique Ability: +5 Reflex, +15 Endurance

    Humble Wrath
    (Gray D. Stark's Occupation)
    Relying on his own strength and speed, a Humble Wrath is essentially a martial artist that has a specific ambition. This ambition is to put cocky people back in their places, and this ambition is one of Gray's defining traits. A Humble Wrath is a master of hand-to-hand combat. He is able to pull off feats with his strength that a normal person would be incapable of doing. He also has higher endurance and superior speed from long years of training.

    Unique ability: +10 Strength, +5 Endurance, +5 Speed

    Bloodlust Sage - Edward D. Valentine's Occupation

    Born from the determination of a human with an unquenchable for death and misery. Raised by themself, the human delves into their own primal nature through constant meditation, searching for the side of themselves that resides to the whim of human condition. Once found, they brutally murdering it, destroying the side that had cared for humanity and finding solace in a higher place. It resides itself next to the infamous arch-angel and baths itself in the blood of others, gaining a clear conscious, peace of mind, and becoming one with nature.  

    Unique Ability: +10 Strength, +10 Finesse

    Forged in the flames of combat, an Avatar is a person of such extremely rare ability and skill that they are widely considered to be demons in human form on the battlefield; an impression that may not be too far from the truth. They are most infamous for having developed very keen evasive reflexes from years of dodging bullets and conditioning their body to react accordingly at the slightest sound. Their weapons of choice can vary, but they always have experience in using a single firearm-type and in a single Martial art style.

    Unique Ability
    Ultimate Evade √ +15 Reflex

    Boost Strength √ +5 Strength


    Born with the blood of the enraged, Berserkers are fighters who absorb martial arts of every kind, trying create their own more violent and fluent version of the principle art. They are brutal when it comes to close range to mid range combat and love applying various motions and techniques to decimate the enemy. Known for their swift and powerful movements, Berserkers are one of the most lethal type of fighters in terms of striking and evasion.

    +10 Reflex and +10 Speed

    Flash God - Shiro Kotei's Occupation

    Someone with the title "Flash God" is a trained fighter who focuses on the use of speed and reflex to overwhelm and opponent with speed. Flash Gods inflict their damage to their opponent with well placed and planned out attacks designed to bring an enemy to their knees. Flash Gods pride themselves in the use of speed and usually an affinity to light and reflection as well as being adept in the art of swordsmanship.

    Unique ability: +20 Speed

    Human Hurricane. - Raiun's Occupation

    "Don't believe your eyes. Yes, I know that... THING look like a man. Hell, he probably walks, talks and acts like a man too. But he isn't. That, my foolish friend, is a sentient natural disaster on two legs. If we're lucky, nothing will set him off on a rampage..."

    "On second thought, pack your bags."

    Unique ability: +10 Int, +10 Str

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