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    The Iron Monk



    The Iron Monk

    Post by Guest on Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:34 am

    Task Name: The Iron Monk
    Task Rank: Level 2
    Boss Required?: No
    Location: Water 7
    Task Details: All of Rufio's ex-crewmates have been noted to be working together through different rings of criminal activity. The Iron Monk supplies weapons to his other comrades regularly. Rumors have stated that one of the original crew-mates of the Lost Pirates has made himself a base in the under-city of Water 7. It is known that he has his own private Sea Train that is stocked to the brim with his associates and party guests. On this day he has made himself a well respected member of Water 7, and therefore has himself a great amount of marines on-board his private vessel. The mission is to infiltrate the train itself and detach the main guest cart from the others so that Lazlo has no places left to run. He is known to have some powerful Lieutenant Marines surrounding him. Meanwhile, the secondary team will raid his base of operations and destroy his weapons facility. Cutting off his supply to the other members who abandoned Rufio's crew. He has a cyborg in there that is veteran level named Sarge.

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    Re: The Iron Monk

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