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    Crew Task - Let's steal that cargo!

    Leon L.H.

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    Crew Task - Let's steal that cargo!

    Post by Leon L.H. on Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:28 pm

    Task Name: Let's steal that cargo!

    Task Rank:Rookie pirate

    Boss Required?:Yes - Marine Officer Zuro

    Location: East Blue -Loguetown

    Task Details:

    A small pirate group called Wild Tempest sailed to the sea. As they traveled all the crews were drinking and eating non stop to celebrate the creation of their pirate group. Soon, all the food were gone. As time passed all the crew members started to feel hungry.  Captain of this ship looked at our cargo room and couldn't find any beri nor food to eat. Soon they saw Loguetown and saw many marine ships docked. Captain knew that marines always have enough food to feed their marines and decided to rob one of the marine ships.

    That afternoon, majority of marine officers and crews left to go hangout at a town.
    Only few marines and a officer standing watch to protect their ship.

    At night time the crew of Wild Tempest, quietly, boarded the marine ship filled with food and beri. They all knew if they were caught it would be a one bad day for them. They sneaked around the ship to the cargo place, they saw the cargo was locked with a lock. So they scatter around to look for where the key was. One of the crew member (anyone) notices the cargo keys on the table, however sees one marine officers patrolling the area, back and forth.
    Meanwhile, one of other crew member notices there are 5 marines patrolling the ship.

    Few minutes later all the crew members came back to their ship, and plans how they are going to do it.

    About 30minutes later, they boarded the marine ship again, only to find out there were rookie marines and one marine officer standing in front of cargo room.


    Fight with 1 Marine Officer
    Fight with 5 Rookie Marines.
    Obtain the keys without getting noticed by the marine officers. This officer have high sense of hearing.
    Steal the food and beri and safely flee to safe location with out getting caught.


    At least 3 crew members have to participate.

    Where to start:

    This task will start with the crew members soon after they board the ship and sees the marines in front of the cargo room


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    Re: Crew Task - Let's steal that cargo!

    Post by Alphanumeric on Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:12 pm


    Everyone needs about 5 posts minimum before I send in the boss. Make sure you tell me when you guys are ready.

    They want the D.

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