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    Caustua Ruinous


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    Caustua Ruinous

    Post by Torikawa on Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:47 pm

    Equipment Name: Caustua
    Equipment Level: One
    Equipment Type: Shoe Blades
    Equipment Description:
    Caustua is a pair of meter long blades that jet out the back of the boots that belong to Torikawa. As of right now they are in their basic form, and he has to equip them safely. He usually wears them as a tasks begins as he isn't able to use any of the Caustua's features because they are currently "damaged". He will repair them over time.
    Equipment Significance: The blades are significant because they were forged by his mentor who had been teaching him the basics of Black Leg Style, back in the revolutionary army. The weapons are used in conjunction with those techniques to fatally injure opponents and the like. Because of their lethal nature, his mentor locked the objects away. Seeing their potential, Torikawa stole the blades, aiming to near perfect the combat style himself.
    Equipment Strength:
    - User is able to slash through opponents effectively, like using a Katana.
    - User is able to keep fighting with other weapons such as pistols and otherwise. [Hands Free]
    - User is capable of clearing obstacles with kicks.
    - Catches enemies off-guard because of their impractical look.
    Equipment Weaknesses:
    - Blades are not in a good position for certain techniques, can harm himself with them.
    - Armament haki can not blend into the weapons as they are not directly attached to him, rather are attachments to his shoes.
    - The blades are not made of anything special, and thusly aren't able to clash with higher level weapons without instantly shattering.
    - Weapons actually are impractical for traditional forms of combat, and as such the user relies heavily on stamina to work these weapons, having to keep Stamina equal with Dexterity.
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    Re: Caustua Ruinous

    Post by Burakku Karitori on Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:56 pm

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