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    Mutioo S. Dason


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    Mutioo S. Dason  Empty Mutioo S. Dason

    Post by Mutioo on Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:13 pm


    Mutioo Siren dason
    Epithet: The Sirene Cook
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fishmen (Lionfish)
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Affiliation: Marine

    Mutioo S. Dason  7ca49610
    only take the colours from the lower one o..o and apply them to the first picture
    Mutioo S. Dason  55382f10

    Hair Color:
     Silver grey
    Skin Tone: Mutioo skin is a form of  hybrid between human skin and scales, making her skin smooth but soft, with a shine to it, her skin varies in colour, from black, yellow and white with a small bit of red to it, like a fish she is colour full and exotic in her own unic way.
    Height: 162 cm/5.31 feet
    Weight: 50 kg



    Mutioo is usually a very quite person and likes to stick to herself unless she knows the people around her, she is able to handle many people and even working with them but at that point she never shows her real self, unless you begin to compliment her cooking, her cooking is like the back door into her life, compliment her cooking and she will either seem happy like a child been praise by there parent or blush and throw a insult towards you without even meaning it, she is a introvert person that likes to be close to people she. Knowing how special a meal can mean to a person day, Mutioo goes a lot into perfecting her food and making a nutrition meal. Showing that you know a bit about how to cook will sometimes throw you and her out into a long conversation of experiences and how she either became a cook or why she loves cooking so much


    In press situation, or when she is feel nervous or unconformable, Mutioo has a habit of biding her lips even to the point of bleeding if the situation  is stressed enough, it helps her often to focus and she does it without thinking about it usual leaving her with a bloody lower lip

    As always Mutioo is always ready and wanting to find new kinds of recipe's to add to her collection. She would do almost anything to either get a hold of a few new one pages, like paying  a whole monthly long salary just for a new cook book or secret recipe's making her a easy target for swindlers or  merchants as she also tries to lay her trust more in people

    Mutioo has a rather bad habit of getting confused and loosing all focus she has by sudden question that Completely changes the course of a conversation, or comes out of the blue, even in the midst of battle odd question can make her drop her guard Completely

    Mutioo have point of never wanting to let any kind of food go to waste


    Her own kind/Fishmen

    Racism towards her people
    Men that are a bit to pushy?
    Corrupt Marins


    Like a ambassador for her people, Mutioo set out to strength the relationship, between the human's and Fishmen. Even through her mental scares, she tries her best, to lay her trust in the humans, like the Admiral from Fishmand Island does, and she hopes to one day to be able to trust humans the same way.
    Mutioo also join the marine forces for another reason, too find out who her Savior was and thank him or her, and maybe even to server under her Savior, if it even was a marine?! But it was still a place to start and thought the marines she is able to sail the seas with a crew  and Search for that person.  
    Having become a cook both from of her love for exciting taste and different cultures, the technic  she discovered the first time she worked with a real chef still rings through her mind as inspiration to her  discovery’s and experiments, she wants to know all the recipes of the world  and even make her own with what the world got to offer, it is both a hard and challenging dream, and if that dream takes her by the mystical all blue then her dream would properly become complete

    Thirst and Lack of Water,
    The lack of water, for a larger amount of time will slowly make Mutioo panic, as her body's natural scales with begin to dry out, this process will only become even quicker under a baking sun, making her dehydrated in no time. The desert are properly the Easiest place to target her as she needs alot more water to function properly then a normal human, and places like the desert is a rather uncomfortable place for a Fishman/woman to be in.

    After a rather rough encounter with some slavers in Mutioo past, where she had been captured and was going to be sold. She tried several times to resist and escape but because of that under the trip she beaten several times to the brink of life, sometimes even strangled until she fell unconscious, have left a rather heavy mental scare on her, because of this Mutioo will begin to loose it as soon as pair of hands are around her neck

    As with been strangled, Mutioo was also victim for been feed poorly if not at all because of her hostile approach  towards her captures, they didn’t seem to care as much for her as a mermaid but still be able to bring it rather hefty price they keep her alive with just what she need now and then, kindling a new way of look at food, but if she is at the bring of starvation, her fear make force her  do unspeakable things

    Mutioo was raised and born on the Fishmen Island among the higher ended people, growing up in the Gyoverly Hills a place of fame and fortune,  her father a famous war hero and her mother of high proportion, famous but for her voice, a singer, a more peaceful occupation then her father's. There statues and fame made them, too the perfect couple and with such parents, Mutioo could only grow up in a strict environment, a life filled with lessons of how to handle different situation, from  mere combat, where she learn self defence to learn how too handle diplomacy situation and academic problems, at a higher level then what the average masses was able too, all this and singing as her mother wanted, that was a daily part of her life and it was expected from her.

    When all that where done, Mutioo where able to do what ever she wanted, cook become fast one of her most beloved hobbies and it chance quickly into a dream of becoming a Chef, even though Mutioo knew of the dangers of the surface, Mutioo always came back cause she knew that the surface was the paradise of spices, recipes and costumers, and not soon after she had found a chef that would teach her. As few year flew by. Mutioo love for cooking and becoming a chef only grew
    and her bond to the human chef that had taken her in only grew, he was like a second father to her strict like her own but not as distant and cold, hearth warming and open to faults, he teach her, to take care of her hands and to never let any food go to waste, and of course how to be a proper chef

    but soon the time of enjoyment and good times had to end, and her teacher were to be transferred to om-board a warship, as she find out he was part of the marines, Mutioo somehow felt betrayed by her master, it was often that the marines let the slaves go as they pleased, and words of hate and sorrow left the marine chef to his transfer. Not long after the marin's had left the city it was attacked by slavers, even though Mutioo tried to fight them off, even flee she was soon overrun by there numbers and capture together with several other people, a high price where sat on her head as she were a Fishmen a rather exotic one it seem. Several  times Mutioo made outrages claims, trying to flee and fighting the slaves back, and each time she just ended even worse beaten up then before. It even came so fare that they had to strangle her until she felt unconscious, so instead of giving her enough food so she had strength to fight them back they starved her, only just giving her enough to keep her alive as she where transported  

    days flash by maybe even weeks or months as she was captured, from a daze of pain and been beaten, and starving. But one day Mutioo woke up to a unusual noise of gunfire, canons and fighting, people screaming and then it all when black again, after that she woke up in a infirmary bed om-board a marine warship, and next to her was her old teacher, looking after her as she was getting intensive care along with the rest of the prisoner, that had been om board the slaver ship, swearing some day to serve under her old chef, and his ship, mutioo soon joined the marine's as a cook

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    Post by Charlotte on Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:21 pm

    Approved and good job :3

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