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    Recruitment Task: The Blue Ghost

    Yoho Aruto

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    Recruitment Task: The Blue Ghost

    Post by Yoho Aruto on Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:16 am

    Task Name: The Blue Ghost
    Task Rank: Rookie (Lvl 1)
    Boss Required?: Yes, of course.
    The boss is a woman by the name of Helmi who is a pirate captain that had taken over a town for her own selfish desire. Her crew is the Helmi pirates.
    She has a bounty of 5,000,000 belis.
    She's obnoxious, arrogant and thought men are scum that didn't deserve to be breathing the same air as her.
    Oh, and she hates men. With a passion. She carries an axe with her despite her lithe size.
    Black hair, very curvaceous. Beautiful and often men likes her despite her rough attitude towards them.
    Location: On an island 300 miles away from Dawn Island. (I figure this would be the best way to make an unknown island while somehow using the existing islands already made.)
    Requirements: This is a recruiting task, therefore only Mark (along with whoever is playing the boss) is allowed along with Kanhoji, who is getting recruited.
    Task Details:
    Kanhoji (the soon to be spy and first mate of the WT Pirates), is being planned to be executed on the town square in the next few hours. The task is that you would have to somehow save the so-called 'blue demon' that everyone had likened to call him as while defending yourself from the at least:
    10 pirate members of the Helmi Pirates
    10 recruits from the marines.
    While also somehow defeating the pirate captain, Helmi herself, as she'll probably try to kill you for doing so.
    History Details: The town has been under-siege for at least two years with the marines doing nothing about it due to a corrupt marine captain who was paid off by Helmi herself. It was then Kanhoji came into town -whether on purpose or out of coincidence, it wasn't determined. He was defending a restaurant owned by an old man and his family, which led to his eminent capture in which he made a deal with the captain that in order to spare the old man's life, he would take his place instead.

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    Re: Recruitment Task: The Blue Ghost

    Post by Alphanumeric on Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:30 pm

    Bosses looks are randomized. Hence why it only says yes or no. Next time take out how she looks. I will try to match the description of her however. As I liked how this was presented. I will now clarify on the task information. I require 5 posts each from each member involved. You will all follow a post order established as you see fit.


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