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    Revenge overdo, and something about a spear?

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    Revenge overdo, and something about a spear?

    Post by Phoenix D. Jack on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:52 am

    Task Name:Obtain the devil's spear, with a side dish of revenge.

    Task Rank: Rank 2

    Boss Required?: Yes, The Captain of the Marine Crew. Rank 2

    Location: Water 7, and the sea around it.

    Task Details:
    Jack has an old time grudge with a Vice Admiral captain of a certain ship that has turned up in his path, that ship and crew has been tasked to escort an ancient artifact safely away from water 7, to deliver it to a celestial dragon who has recently bought it. The Artifact is called "The devil's spear" and as a weapon seemed no more than the above avarage quality. But the spear is golden and of beautiful craft, and is one of the few relics left from the void century, and therefor very valuable.

    The crew is to find out how exactly the marines have planned to escort this artifact away from the city, then afterwards accuire it any means neccesary.

    They are also to kill or otherwise defeat the captain of said Marine crew which Jack beleives to be the Vice Admiral who raided his gang of thieves when he was young.

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