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    [Eclipse Horizon] Minas Tirith - Boat Information

    Cpt. Nick Capone
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    [Eclipse Horizon] Minas Tirith - Boat Information

    Post by Cpt. Nick Capone on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:56 pm

    Name of Crew: Eclipse Horizon
    Name of Ship: Minas Tirith
    Captain: Cpt. Nikolai Fang Capone
    First Mate: Tamrian Dawnblade
    Second Mate: None, yet.
    Cook: Mutioo S. Dedson
    Ship Mechanic: None, yet.
    Navigator: Nikolai Fang Capone
    Medic: Kai Shibetake
    Scientist: Yuffie Reniria Tylin

    Boat Description: Minas Tirith matches the beauty if an horizon so infinite that one could spend the rest of their lives dreaming about the future and the likes. It's mast basks in the glory of the sun whilst the thinly carved figure allows the vessel of the sea to move easily through many wrecks of the ocean.


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