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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:03 am

    Miasmatic Orchard

    This island is a big swamp, black tar alike mud fills the place, fumes of a almost pleasent smell fills the air, not like what you'd expect when comming here, the pleasent smell is only to dull your awareness, since the fumes are infact poison.

    The tree's somehow seem unaffected by the the poisoness fumes and therefor the HQ has been built inside the largest of them all, keeping those inside safe from the harms of the poison.

    Special note: If you are not an ally of the Yonko Teresa who's HQ is located here. Then you'll have the possiblity of Death Enabled, and the entire crew of the Yonko will be hostile towards you.

    Special Note 2: When on this island, you'll be affect by the poison in the air constantly making you loose 2 stamina every 4 posts, if you don't have enough stamina left to loose, you'll pass out.(Meaning you wont pass out upon hitting 0 but you'll pass out when the poison tick gets you below 0).

    Teresa - Yonko:

    Name: Teresa
    Epithet: Savage Mistress
    Rank: Legendary Pirate
    Position: Yonko
    Appearance :
    Ability: Ken Ken no Mi- Sword Sword  Fruit
    Endruance: 50
    Finesse:  100
    Intelligence: 50
    Reflex: 100
    Speed: 100
    Strength: 100
    Skill Mastery: 3
    Haki Level: 3

    FC: Teresa - Claymore

    Catty Bright Day:

    Name: Catty Bright Day."Kitty Goddess" (First Mate of Teresa)
    Level: 3
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Evil - Neutral
    Appearance: Catty is dressed up in a black cat costume and has Sea Stone Claws on both Hands that extend two feet with 4 blades. On the bottom of her feet she is able to throw needles when she kicks. Her body is very curvy and Goddess like.  
    Description:She overall does not mind if people come to the island because most who come here will never even make it to their base. But if she has to fight, she will. Catty Hangs out in trees and loves to play with balls of yarn.

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Sea Stone Cat Claws. Stealth Arts. Ways of confusion.

    FC: N/A

    Franny Son. :

    Name: Franny Son. "The Tranny" (Second Mate of Teresa)
    Level: 3
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Evil - Neutral
    Appearance: Franny has the Qualities of a very manly man but wears a dotted dress that is mint green. The Franny's Hair is dirty blonde and goes about to the shoulders. Black Steel Gauntlets are always seen on the hands and wrists.
    Description: Franny is a Transsexual from an okama island that had perished long ago. He/She talks in a manly tone and will often save men on this island to become her/his Slaves. However, She/he often kills them by accident when his/her Temper is lost which is very often.  

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Black Steel Karate. Chi Walk. Torture.

    FC: N/A

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