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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:38 am

    Sabaody Archipelago

    The Sabaody Archipelago is a massive mangrove forest in the middle of the ocean made up of 79 separate trees known as Yarukiman Mangrove. The Yarukiman Mangrove trees are the largest mangroves in the world and are strong enough to grow from the bottom of the ocean to the top. They do not sink into ocean during high tide like other mangrove trees, and the texture on their bark has such a distinct look that they resemble large candy canes. Each tree is called a grove and serves as an island for which people live on. People can get from one grove to another by the various bridges built connecting around the many tree roots. Since it is just a group of trees and not an island like those found in the Grand Line, it has no magnetic pull for which to affect a Log Pose. The trees create unique bubbles that are not easily popped; however when the bubbles reach above the massive trees they pop instantly making a noise as they do. These bubbles are always floating to the top from the bottom of the trees thus, the popping noise is always present. The seventy nine trees are divided into several different areas shown below.

    1-29: A lawless area where pirates and bounty hunters run amok, Human trading goes on daily, and many Bars are Massacred by the fighting men and women of this area.

    30-39: Sabaody Park, an amusement park with bubble-based attractions. Stall games, Rides, and many other attractions fill the area with fun and joy.

    40-49: A tourist area that is filled with many Amazing clothing, supplies, and weapons shops as well as souvenir stands.

    This area is where all the ships dock, restock and repair. There may even be some services located in this area where you can Coat your ship with Bubble coating in order to travel down to Fishman Island.

    Local headquarters for the Marines.

    70-79: A hotel town where you can stay at your pleasure. some of the hotels offer famous shows that people from all over come to see.


    Name: Outlaw
    Level: 1
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: These Outlaws Have all sorts of clothing on ranging from brown trench coats to basic T-shirts. On there waists is usually a Sword or Two Or a Pair of pistols.
    Description: They will attack anyone they run into that gives them even the slightest bad look or insult. They hang around the Lawless area and can be seen Destroying Taverns in their fights or accidentally killing an innocent that happened to look at them the wrong way.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Starting Fights. Sword Arts. Pistol Arts.

    FC: N/A

    Marine Soldier:

    Name: Marine Soldier
    Level: 1
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Good - Aggressive
    Appearance: They wear the Basic White and Blue Marine outfit, complete with a weapon of their choice and a hat.
    Description: These Marine Soldiers have been seasoned in the arts of combat and will not hesitate to bring anyone who breaks the law into prison. They patrol most of Sabaody except for the Lawless area.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Weaponry Arts of their Choosing.

    FC: N/A

    Hans Bubbles:

    Name: Hans Bubbles
    Level: 2
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Hans wears Tropical looking outfits and always has a few daggers on his brown belt. He has Short, Spiky, Black hair and their seems to always be a smirk on his face for whatever reason. He often wears sandles and an orange headband around his forehead.
    Description: Hans Bubbles is an expert in bubble coating ships in order for them to go to fishman island or under the water in general. He charges quite a fee for his special skill but it is very much so worth it. Bubble coating takes about a week and a half, so until he is done with coating you are pretty much stuck on this island.

    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Bubble Coating Ships. Knife Throwing Arts.

    FC: N/A

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