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    Reynado Invention APP


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    Reynado Invention APP

    Post by Reynado on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:26 pm

    Skill Name: Inventions de Reynado
    Skill Type: Invention
    Skill Information: This style of invention focuses on combat effectiveness and remaining at a distance while holding up some kind of personal defense, if even through the form of long range and non-human entities (robots) to employ the attack and defense of this style. Reynado has spent his entire life since he can remember developing artificial means to deal combat and to make himself gain knowledge in pursuit of his goals, this style of combat takes this pursuit to it's highest degree. Limiting it to a greater strain on the HUD to control more robots and thus in total decreasing robot effectiveness with more being used.
    Skill Strengths: Proxy combat, excellent long range abilities, can react and adapt easily to many different combat styles.
    Skill Weaknesses: Lacking direct combat ability, exposes the user, reliance on other beings to fight. Additional robots being controlled decreases effectiveness of all of them.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fyu-Noroshi
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Humanoid Robot
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: A large melee-type robot standing at seven feet designed by Reynado to be the epitome of his combat skills in science come to form. Acting commander of Reynado's robots and his personal assistant in and out of combat. Wielding a serrated edge  katana equal to his size and a small caliber mounted gun on his shoulder which receives ammo directly from the insides of his body.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
    Able to apply and generate kinetic force greater than the average human in combat.
    Able to feed bullets directly into his gun without the need for reloading manually.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    Unable to go farther from Reynado than 75 meters and still function.
    If damaged, battlefield repairs are almost impossible due to it's complexity.
    Slower than an average human due to it's size and metallic joints.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: REGIS
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Small Humanoid Robot
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Five small robots that stand at one foot tall each. These robots were created almost entirely for the purpose of offense and using swarm tactics. These fast machines have been crafted to do the maximum damage possible, by Reynado, despite their small stature and limited kinetic strength. Capable of running at 45 MPH and wielding hands with five fingers, four of which are small steel blades and the fifth (in thumb's place) is an iron hook.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
    Faster and more maneuverable than the average human.
    Able to function and react from information that any REGIS model receives.
    Able to replace damaged limbs and parts from other REGIS models.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    These robots are made of a lighter and more maneuverable metal than the larger bots, making them easier to destroy.
    These bots cannot maintain max speed while maneuvering.
    The REGIS machines decrease speed while not moving in a straight line.
    REGIS bots are unable to function if over 75 meters away from Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Recon
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Drone
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Recon is effectively a pile of metal linked together by loose and malleable joints making it capable of separating pieces of itself and putting them back onto itself altering it's size and shape. The base form is that of a wirey metallic fly (in size and appearance) but with attachments it can become the size of a small person and resemble a robotic version of a child. Able to take the form of a child or abandon pieces of itself to take the form of a metallic fly.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
    This robot in it's base form is very tiny and difficult to detect.
    Recon can change it's fundamental shape into a metallic version of most things so long as it is within it's size range.
    Recon can function a maximum of 250 meters away from Reynado
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    Completely devoid any offensive abilities.
    Durability is low due to having a physical weakness in every joint.
    Lacking anything to give it any form of defense, the metal is very weak to promote malleability.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Water Boy
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Humanoid Robot
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: A large humanoid robot standing at six feet in height. Water Boy is completely filled with sea water, maintaining his power partially by churning it and partially through a careful internal system designed around the water and still allowing containment of it, in every part of Water Boy's body. One of Water Boy's hands is a shield (3 ft by 3 ft) and the other is a compressed air gun capable of firing the water from inside of the body at a constant rate or in isolated bursts.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
    Water Boy can manipulate the stream and output of water from his gun-hand.
    Water Boy's shield is more durable than his body is (Water Boy is made of steel)
    The water inside of Water Boy is capable of weakening devil fruit users through prolonged contact.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    Water Boy can be short circuited with enough disruption inside of his body due to the water
    Water Boy can function if it remains within 75 meters of Reynado.
    Water Boy is slow due to lacking some pieces of movement freedom afforded to Fyu-Noroshi due to being mostly made up of water.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: HUD
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Augment
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: This is an internal linking with Reynado's cyborg body that granted him to be considered a cyborg. This augmentation links all of the neural processing and feeds upon the power of his brain to create a combat HUD (Heads up Display) and control panel inside of his sunglasses, directed by his robotically augmented eyes and brain. Granting him the maximum range of control of his robots as well as physical enhancements.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
    This augmentation allows Reynado to directly control the actions of his robots up to the maximum range without signal boosting power (like with Recon)
    The cyborg augmentation grants Reynado an increased awareness of his surroundings when actively being used.
    The augmentation gives Reynado the ability to track targets via HUD granting him information about a target such as range and speed instantly.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
    This cyborg augmentation removes Reynado's ability to use a devil fruit.
    This augmentation is so linked with Reynado's body and insides that he is unable to survive if it is destroyed or damaged.

    Ability Lvl 2 Name: Fyu-Kairo
    Ability Lvl 2 Type: Humanoid Robot
    Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 2 Description: An offensive general of a bot, capable of holding it's own against most enemies and possessing rare traits and materials that allow it to be adaptable to almost any combat situation. This robot stands at a height of eight and a half feet and wields a proportionally correct broadsword made of sea-stone as well as a shield that can expand and contract to fit the needs of the situation.
    Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
    Fyu-Kairo's sword is made of sea-stone granting it anti-devil fruit abilities.
    Fyu-Kairo's shield can separate and change form to fit the needs of the circumstances before it.
    Fyu-Kairo is much faster than his predecessor Fyu-Noroshi matching the speeds reachable by Reynado.
    Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
    Fyu-Kairo's sword is made of sea-stone rather than a durable form of metal reducing it's cutting power significantly.
    Fyu-Kairo's shield loses it's durability proportionally the amount of times it spreads out.
    Fyu-Kairo can only function at a maximum of 75 meters away from Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 2 Name: REGIS Mark IV
    Ability Lvl 2 Type: Small/Mass Produced Robot
    Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 2 Description: A set of five small robots, standing at a height of four feet. The REGIS Mark IVs (MK4) are an improvement over the previous original REGIS model. Their hands now divided into one automatic weapon (caliber of .30 and with 30 bullets per magazine with three internal reloads) and the other a curved blade. These REGIS models are faster, bigger, and more combat effective. Capable of running 55 MPH.
    Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
    Assault rifle arm granting it increased combat ability.
    Weighted blade arm made of reforged steel to maximize cutting power.
    Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
    While running it's max speed takes a significant decline based on how much maneuvering must be done.
    Limited in size and durability allowing it to be destroyed or damaged somewhat easily.
    Only capable of function within 75 meters of Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 2 Name: Sea Musket Balls
    Ability Lvl 2 Type: Weapon/Invention
    Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: Six uses per topic.
    Ability Lvl 2 Description: A specialized kind of ammunition created by Reynado for use in his specialized, triple barrel, firearm. This ammo can be loaded into the slot of a bullet and fired in the same way a normal bullet can, however, upon being fired this round will explode into dust five meters from the gun. The unique property of this dust being that it is composed of sea-stone and effective against devil fruit users, as well as inducing some choking considering the thick nature of the dust. The dust left behind expands for three posts, five meters per post starting with five meters in the first post before dissipating completely after five posts.
    Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
    Able to nullify devil fruit powers through the use of sea-stone.
    Able to spread out slowly similar to the properties of dust.
    If inhaled in large quantity can cause choking and some damage to the throat.
    Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
    Only six uses per topic.
    Must be individually loaded into the gun from a separate storage increasing reload time of the weapon.
    Combat effectiveness of the actual bullet/ball is zero.
    After five posts the smoke residuals dissipate.

    Ability Lvl 2 Name: Tracking Augment
    Ability Lvl 2 Type: Cyborg Augment
    Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 4
    Ability Lvl 2 Description: A built in enhancement into Reynado's HUD allowing him to accurately track a target by increasing power output into his cybernetic eyes. This ability allows him to follow movements to a far greater than average degree and attack accordingly to where a target is going to be.
    Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
    Allows Reynado to use cybernetics implanted in his own body to calculate target movements.
    Allows Reynado to know where the target is going to be at the moment when his weapon/attack would reach them.
    Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
    Possible to fool with erratic movements.
    Only takes into account what Reynado can physically see.
    Has a maximum range of 25 meters.

    Ability Lvl 2 Name: Mecha-blob
    Ability Lvl 2 Type: Amorphous Robot
    Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 2 Description: A small robot that begins each usage at a size of one foot tall. The robot has the ability to bond with pieces of metal and products of metal working and science of a similar size to itself or smaller to increase it's capabilities for the duration of one topic.
    Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
    Can take and assimilate materials and scientific equipment to temporarily improve itself.
    Is adaptable to any situation provided there is metal and/or equipment around.
    The machine's base mechanical durability is stout and durable providing a base for additional equipment.
    Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
    Is unable to do anything without first assimilating something to help it.
    Adopts the weaknesses of anything that it builds into itself.
    Can only function up to 75 meters from Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 3 Name: Fyu-Raivaru
    Ability Lvl 3 Type: Armored Robot
    Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 3 Description: A ten foot robot with a mostly hollow inside. Boasting automatic joints and weapons that serve the purpose of the machine. The machine is designed to house Reynado inside of it as a way to enhance his own skills both in combat and in controlling his inventions in combat.  Boasting an impressive (described below) array of weapons. Holding a minigun for a right arm and a flamethrower for a left arm as well as being a monster of potential ability to deal high damage physically.
    Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
    Fyu-Raivaru is capable of housing Reynado inside of it and moving along with his neural system as an exoskeleton.
    The robot's joints are automatically powered giving it speed even greater than that of the previous Fyu model.
    Fyu-Raivaru is made of a reforged and re-folded steel giving it a greater durability than any previous robot.
    Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
    The additional weapons decrease the total speed of the robot.
    Due to the tank nature of the machine it's maneuverability is diminished.
    When acting on it's own, it is only able to function within 75 meters of Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 3 Name: REGIS Mark VII
    Ability Lvl 3 Type: Mass Production Elite
    Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 3 Description: Five robots that are each four foot and six inches tall. Each one being the same but having four arms and weaponized in the extreme. Top left arm: A circular steel shield. Top right arm: A shoulder gun capable of firing high caliber (.50) rounds once per post. Bottom left arm: A blade coated along the edge with sea-stone. Bottom right arm: Same as bottom left arm. These elite REGIS models are capable of running 70 MPH.
    Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
    Two arms that have a sea-stone edge.
    A mounted gun capable of firing high caliber rounds.
    A steel shield capable of moving around the entire body.
    Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
    Not as durable as the Fyu series robots and thus much easier to destroy.
    Requires a decrease in speed to turn, or maneuver while running.
    Only able to function within 90 meters of Reynado.

    Ability Lvl 3 Name: Kinetic Shield
    Ability Lvl 3 Type: Deployable Support.
    Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown: 6
    Ability Lvl 3 Description: A small disk that can be dropped onto the field. Upon being activated by a connection with Reynado's HUD cybernetics it creates a barrier in dome shape that is difficult to notice but not impossible. This barrier extends to reach a total of 25 meters from the dropped disk's position. The barrier only allows organic materials OR Reynado's specifically controlled bots to enter and exit.
    Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
    Capable of deflecting non organic attacks and weapons.
    Somewhat difficult to see and thus not easy to determine the exact shape/size of.
    Remains in play for three posts before running out of power and needing a timed recharge.
    Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
    Only able to begin/carry out the Cooldown time when on Reynado's person.
    Can be overwhelmed by a superior amount of force.
    Only able to stay active with Reynado within 35 meters of the disk, once deployed.

    Ability Lvl 3 Name: Weather Device
    Ability Lvl 3 Type: Support device
    Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown: 6
    Ability Lvl 3 Description: A device on Reynado's person that, once activated, can change the weather pattern and climate of a 100 meter area greatly. Capable of inducing thunderstorms (Note that this device cannot direct lightning strikes.) snow, blazing heat, and other drastic weather changes.
    Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
    Capable of changing the entire climate of an isolated region for five posts.
    If moved during the process of weather manipulation, the 100 meter range that has manipulated weather follows the device rather than staying within the original region.
    Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
    Cooldown only begins once the weather effects have ended.
    Cannot be spread beyond the 100 meter range.
    Requires being on Reynado's person to be activated.

    Ability Lvl 3 Name: Electro-Droid
    Ability Lvl 3 Type: Humanoid Robot
    Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown: Once Per Topic
    Ability Lvl 3 Description: A six foot robot made of a mixture of steel and rubber. The robot is designed to use ambient electricity, static, and several battery packs hidden inside of it throughout the entire body to generate electrical currents. The droid is capable of firing a large current of electricity once per four posts and capable of being stun based or potentially lethal. The droid is also capable of emitting an EMP blast once per four posts designed to shock the neurological systems of anyone caught within it's range (3 meters). The droid also may leave one of the batteries from his body to create a land-mine that stuns on a more powerful basis than the EMP-like device but only effects organics.
    Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
    Able to function and store excess energy from the batteries for attack purposes.
    All weapons are designed to function on an electrical basis rather than a kinetic basis.
    Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
    Lightly armored and thus easier to destroy then the Fyu series robots.
    Unable to function farther than 75 meters from Reynado.
    Drastically decreases in combat effectiveness as well as electrical power every time it is damaged due to the precise battery system inside.
    Only able to attack when charged to a usable point using electricity.

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    Re: Reynado Invention APP

    Post by Yuffie on Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:29 am

    These skills are hereby dubbed...

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