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    Getting Started


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    Official Topics Getting Started

    Post by Admin on Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:55 pm

    Getting Started

    Guide Created By:Phoenix D. Jack

    This is a guide, which will step by step take you through getting started on this site.

    The site is in a development state so the information needed is kind of all over the place, if you follow this guide you should by the end of it be ready to role-play.

    This only included the need to do stuff, everything else like doing an introduction and such are really only if you want to, so it’s not included.

    The site usually goes by read everything which while I support that if you want a full understanding of the whole board, but never the less for simply getting started this will at least show you the things you need to prioritize.

    1. Character creation.

    Like all roleplaying forums you need a character to actually do stuff, the template for that you find here remember to follow the word requirements wherever they are.
    To complete the app you need some information about races and occupations which can be found here and here

    Don't forget to do a face claim to make sure no one is going to take your characters appearance. can be done here.

    When that’s done proceed to step 2.

    2. Lineage

    On this site we have a player system called Lineage system, its decided by a simple roll and this roll then adds some sort of boost. Which is done here.

    When that’s done proceed to step 3.

    3. Stats

    Now you got to choose your stats, by default from rank 1 you gain 100 stats points, more info on ranks can be found here.

    You find the template for stat app's here. When choosing stats remember you gain some stats from Occupation, Race and Lineage.

    Too see what each stat does please read stat system info and skill information

    When you've made your app and gotten it approved move to step 4.

    4. Crew

    Now is where it gets complicated, since technically you're ready to rp, and there for the order you do this in is up to yourself, this is my suggestion to how, you may skip and come back to this later on if you wish.

    When you made your character you decided if you wanted to be Pirate, Marine or Revolutionary. Now this is very crucial to play well here you kind of need a crew, and well crews are a band of the same Affiliation. Now you gotta choose what you want to do, you can either create a crew which can be done following the template found here. If you'd rather join up with an existing crew you can find the already formed crews here.

    5. Ability/Skill/Fruit

    As I mentioned earlier this is not order specific.
    This is by far the hardest part on the guide, the most time consuming and the one you as a player should put most thought into.

    You've already read about them up in step 3, now you got to create your own, only your creativity sets the boundaries here, that and the stats you've chosen along with the balance on the site of course.

    The template for this can be found here, this link also provides the basic knowledge of the way the skill making works so read it.

    In case you're wanting to take a fruit as one of your two skills the ones taken or otherwise banned can be found here, if having a fruit is what you want but you kind of don't know what some ideas to help can be found here.

    Take your time creating these skills; they will be the way your character is going to fight for a long time. Remember how strong abilities you're allowed to have is according to the stats you've chosen in step 3.

    6 Equipment.

    Every player are allowed a level 1 Weapon and a level 1 equipment, how our equipment system works can be found here.

    Very simple system, the power of the weapon you have is mostly just your stats, a strong weapon is afterall nothing without a wielder who can wield it.
    Dex is usually the main factor of how well you can use a weapon, though there are some Int based devices which could be considered a weapon, but the strength of it would be according to your Int.

    Template for Weapon and Equipment creating can be found here..

    When that’s approved your character should have some awesome equipment and weapon to support them.

    7. End step.

    If you have completed all these 6 steps, then you should be in possession of a fully ready character to have fun with.

    Of course there is more to a site than just these things, so now you can start roleplaying, but if you have some things you feel you haven't gotten a full understanding off read the Master Handbooks topics which can be found here, if you have read all of those and you still have something you don't understand, or are confused about, seek out the staff and ask for help, just at least try to find the answer first, we don't carry any secret information around, most of us know just these things.

    If by some odd chance you found some information lacking bring it up to a staff member of course, be polite about it, and if necessary that mod will then deliver the issue before the whole staff and then the error will be fixed as soon as possible.

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