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    Faction Bases


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    Official Topics Faction Bases

    Post by Admin on Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:33 pm

    Faction Bases 14683d

    So what are Faction Bases? They are specific sections for each main group, Pirate, Marine, and Revolutionary Army. They are private for that group and that group only? So what's it for? It's for those that want to RP privately where other groups can't hear them. Private meetings, private discussions, etc. There also contains a private OOC Discussions for each group so they can plan things out privately. Specifics of each section will be below.

    Faction Bases 2d0fits

    -Never metagame. This means that if you have an alt and your main is a pirate while your alt is a marine and you use the information in those threads to gain benefits
    -Absolutely no combat shall be used in any of these sections
    -OOC Discussions are OOC Discussions only but they can be used as a place for crew recruitment and other proposals your character could have

    Bases are what players in their respected group see. They are given their names because it's the most fitting. Pirate Sanctuary because it is somewhere pirates can be at without being attacked by other pirates, Marine Headquarters as it is where they are reside and plan all their future plans, and Revolutionary Base as revolutionists have their main goal of overthrowing the World Government so they reside in bases.

    Pirate Sanctuary
    Faction Bases 2ag818l

    Marine Headquarters
    Faction Bases 24lsjt3

    Revolutionary Base
    Faction Bases 258pkm0

    Summits & Revolutionary Ship
    Discussions for high ranking players of their group.

    Yonko Summit
    Faction Bases 245mq9j

    The Yonko Summit is where only the four emperors are allowed to discuss events, discussions are held between them only as they are enough to shift the balance of power. Pirates can view but the can reply in this section.

    Admiral Summit
    Faction Bases Imlaoz

    The Admiral Summit are meant for fleet admirals to vice admirals to discuss important issues. They can range from being buster calls, wars, or other important discussions. Marines can view these discussions, but they cannot reply to them.

    Warlord Summit
    Faction Bases 352m0kl

    The Warlord Summit is meant for a location where warlords can gather with high ranking admirals (Fleet Admiral - Vice Admiral) to discuss important matters. These issues can be proposals, deals, wars, etc.

    Revolutionary Ship
    Faction Bases 2hgxsvk

    The Revolutionary Ship is treated as a summit for all commanders. But instead of it being a standard location, it is constantly moving, and commanders are the only one that knows where it's at. The Ship is where the commanders decide on important factors and what their actions are next.

    Group/Private Discussions
    Discussions that all members of the group can participate in.

    Pirate Garden
    Faction Bases 2wehs36

    The Pirate Garden is where all pirates can come to and discuss important issues. They can be declarations of war against other pirate crews, or a place where they can form alliances. But absolutely no fighting can occur in this section. The Pirate Garden is a neutral grounds and any fighting will be a ban from being allowed into the garden.

    Meeting Room
    Faction Bases Xas8jc

    The Meeting Room is where all marines can discuss things and agree to take action on something. Because marines are all allied together, it's not an issue as to whether they want to fight each other, it's the issue of wanting to work together. Therefore any fighting in this section will be a direct violation of the World Government Code of Conduct for marines, and you will be considered a traitor to the World Government

    Revolutionary Hall
    Faction Bases 292o22c

    The Revolutionary Hall is where revolutionists can discuss what their plans are next, what actions they want to take, etc. Revolutionists can gather here to group together since they can be solo at a low level. They can seek partners here, or hide here as a means of protection from the World Government

    OOC Discussions
    OOC Discussions (Out of Character) are places you can discuss how you want things to go OOC. You can recruit players to join you in things without it being official, you can decide where you want to RP, you can search for others in your group to do things with.

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