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    Hikari Shirokawa [DONE]

    Hikari Shirokawa

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    Hikari Shirokawa [DONE]

    Post by Hikari Shirokawa on Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:13 pm

    Name: Hikari Shirokawa
    Epithet: The Exile
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Marine
    Occupation: Weapon Master

    Appearance: Hikari is a mature teenage girl with silver hair and red highlights that falls down to her neck and has a birthmark, a scar, right beneath her left eye. She has hazel brown eyes and has an amazing and powerful physique, with the height of 5 foot 9 inches and weigh 135 pounds. She has a lean body with great curves; fairly big bust and bottom. Hikari likes to wear suits of heavy armors but on casual days, she would wear jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts or sweaters, together with boots or sneakers.
    Hair Color: Silver
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Height: 5 ft. 9 inches
    Weight: 135 lb.

    Personality: Hikari is a generous and an amiable person who loves  to listen to music. She might look calm and cold on the outside but once you get to know her you will find her really sociable, friendly, innocent and reserved. She's an athletic person who has a great sense of humor and a kind of person who would beat the hell out of anyone who had underestimated her or who had hurt her friends. Hikari is an extremely stubborn girl who never gives up, doesn't listen to what others say and always do whatever she wants. She is impatient but an optimistic person who is rather clumsy and very careless, but works exceptionally hard.

    Hikari is that kind of girl who likes to be challenged and would never back down or admit defeat to any of her rivals until they are crushed by her. She’s also very carefree and a happy-go-lucky girl. When she’s in rage, she can be very ferocious and she’d destroy everything around her and might also even hurt innocent people. She also gets over-hyperactive when she’s very happy.

    -Star gazing


    -To obtain power
    -To become the strongest
    -To protect her loved ones

    -To be defeated
    -Seeing her loved ones die

    Hika will not take any crap from anyone. A fighter. She’s a really brave warrior who loves getting into battles but a timid girl who’s afraid to interact with people. She’s a shy person who is addicted to sweet stuffs; cakes, candies, chocolates, you name it! Great at losing things and forgetful. She can be very sarcastic and childish at times and is very nosy. Very trustworthy. Always happy and can be very loud and talkative. Outgoing. A very strong person, both mentally and physically, and she’s very generous. LOVES Christmas.

    Fayloch. The name of the town where the little brave young soldier was born. Indeed, it was a lovely and a serene place where the cheers and laughs of the townspeople could be heard constantly. Her rosy cheeks too irresistible to bite, the baby girl giggled in the arms of her mother and the name was given to her, Hikari Shirokawa. However, the pleasant and blissful moments did not last long. On the exact day when Hika turned 3, a disastrous war broke in Fayloch, destroying the whole town, not even leaving a speck of dust behind. Her parents in tears, desperately handed the young child over a man, whose name was yet unknown, to take care of her and protect her until she was capable of doing things on her own. The man came to become her hero, or you could say her master, as she got older. The only thing she knew about him was that he was an outstanding and an amazing fighter from the navy and no one could defeat him.

    When she turned 10, he handed her a huge, long sword as a memorial and forced her to master the weight of the sword when she was barely its height. She grew up to become a ruthless yet an incredible sword master. She entered battles at a very young age with no regrets and with no fear of death. That day she entered the battle, her master died in the battlefield, leaving her with nothing but tears and bitter memories. And it was that time when she vowed that she’d become an invincible warrior. With that, she decided to become a part of the navy, believing that her master’s soul is still with her.

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    Re: Hikari Shirokawa [DONE]

    Post by Charlotte on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:33 pm


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