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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:41 pm

    Marksman Island

    This place holds some of the most legendary shooters, Sharpshooter Island? This place makes that place seem like nothing in comparison. The inhabitants of this Island have trained years in a craft that has existed centuries, to hit a target. Their skill is legendary. So of course this is the place where you go to when you want to test out your skill against the best.

    The Island in itself is huge, with a lot of wildlife. The Inhabitants love hunting, and they are good at it, obviously. Though as good as they are some creatures here may even challenge their skill when it comes to taking them down.

    It goes without saying that when the masters of a skill gathers up the masters of the craft that supports it also does, so when you need weapons to hit a target with this is the place, gunsmiths, bow craftsman and anything really, this place has those who make them and those of repair and run maintenance on them.

    Winston the Weaponsmith:

    Name: Winston
    Type: human
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Slender bearded fellow, working at his shop on the island, he has spent years becoming the best of his craft, when it comes to weapons that has to hit their marks, ofcourse he has dealt in canons, guns and bows in the likes, and he is famed for his work.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities:: Ranged Craft, Refining, Repairing.

    FC: N/A


    Name: Rangers
    Type: human
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Common to be spotted around here, carrying a varried types of weapons in ranged forms, knives, guns, bows or really anything imagination can muster up. They pride themselves at knowing the island.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities:: Ranger Arts, Survivalism.

    FC: N/A

    The Prince:

    Name: Cecil Rochefort
    Type: human
    Epithet: Prince of Marksmen
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Known by many yet seen by few, he lives as a legend on the island, and though many claims to have seen him, it is the very few who are true, he knows the island better than anyone else, and he can keep himself hidden to almost anyone.

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Frost Archer, Trapping, Wild Empathy

    FC: Ashe (Male)

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