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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:41 pm

    Darkness Island

    Island Description 13-dragons-dogma-dark-arisen-3

    This Island is filled with immense darkness, although it is not as though the island is stuck within an ever-ending night sky. The Sun can even be spotted in the air during the day, it just somehow does not shine the way it’s used too. It will not warm your cold body, nor will it provide lift to the inhabitants. It is almost as if something is blocking the solar rays from hitting the Island itself and everything within. However a very small spectrum of light is possible to penetrate the darkness just slightly, although its not able to be perceived by human eye, it provides enough photosynthesis for the small amount of vegetation that struggles for survival on the island.

    This place is a complete and utter mystery, no one has dared venture to this place for the dark and ominous aura that surrounds the place. Any soul with the slightest bit of light within their soul, will shudder at the dark presence this island will emanate. The Marines recently started a project to send out an exploring squadron of willing sailors to the island. They never returned and have lost total contact with these men and women. Consequently causing the shut down of any future exploring squadrons.

    Dark Ram:

    Name: Dark Ram
    Type: Ram
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: These beast stand at 3 meters tall and are 4 meters in length. They are massive beast with a large set of horns on their head. Their ramming horns are capable of smashing through stone. Their entire being, including their fleece is all black.
    Description: These Rams are very easy going and just graze the day away. However they are the protectors of their sheep, and will all gather to put a stop to any threat that wishes to injure or kill their lovely females. These Rams are massive and are predominant species on the island.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Ram Arts.

    F/C: N/A

    Dark Widow:

    Name: Dark Widow
    Type: Spider
    Alignment: Evil - Evil
    Appearance: A dark black large spider whos body is a massive 6 feet in height and weighing 250 lbs. Its eight legs extend a total of 5 meters away from its body. It is known for his highly venomous poison and its very bright red hour glass on her belly.
    Description: This lovely spider, is as deadly as they come. Her venom is said to cause almost instant paralyzing capabilities. She is very swift, with amazing reflexes. She isnt as strong, however she will utilize her speed,reflexes,and intelligence to trick and trap her opponent into her webs to constrict and disable them.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Widow Web Arts.

    F/C: N/A


    Name: Shabazz
    Type: Black Panther
    Alignment: Neutral - Neutral
    Appearance: Shabazz is a very large panther made of complete darkness. He has all black eyes to match his fur. He has a vast array of battle scars all around his massive body. He weighs a total of 1,000 lbs and reaches a length of 5 meters. His hide is extremely thick, resembling closely to dragon scales, in toughness.

    Description: Shabazz is an amazing intelligent and crafty being. He is an ancient beast that has resided on the island for over 500 years. He reigns supreme over the island as the greatest and most intelligent being. He is has mastered his animal instincts and is strongest hunter that has ever existed.

    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Black Panther Power

    F/C: N/A

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