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    Best around



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    Best around

    Post by Chosokabe on Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:34 pm

    Task Name:Best around
    Task Rank:Rookie
    Boss Required?:Big Boss Ross
    Task Details:Lately word has been spreading about some tough guy down on the docks of Ohara. Apparently he goes around claimin he is the toughest thing in the western blue, has even been spouting names of people he could beat. Well he made a mistake by naming Chosokabe Motochika as someone he could beat. Chosokabe has come to see if he can validate that claim.

    Mission couldn't be easier, apparently this Ross guy spends his evenings in a local tavern, spewin at the mouth about his skills in combat. All Chosokabe has to do is head there and kick his ass six ways to sunday.

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