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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:40 pm

    Dragon Island

    Roars can be heard miles away from dragons of all kinds and the like, this place is a paradise for the flying reptiles, their nest and hunting grounds. Very peaceful on the outside, though the dragons don't think kindly to strangers, and dragons are one of the most deadliest beasts of all time, so take care when venturing here.

    It is said there is a shrine or a building located on the island, containing many secrets about these dragons, though to get to it, you'd have to best the dragons on the path to it, and that’s no simple task at all.


    Name: Doki
    Level: Lvl 1
    Type: Dragon
    Alignment: Neutral - Aggressive
    Doki has blue armor like scales with emerald colored eyes. Because Doki hasn’t grown up fully, the tip of his tail only has 5 spikes, whereas fully grown dragons have 10 spikes.
    Doki is about 200 ft. in length, weighing at least 500 pounds.

    Doki is one of guardians of the shrine which lies deep within the island of dragons. Doki sleeps during the night and roams around the shrine in the morning. He is a quick tempered dragon and will be quick to attack any trespassers.

    Endurance: 40
    Finesse: 10
    Speed: 50
    Skill Mastery: 1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Blue Dragon's roar. Blue Flames. Body slam.

    FC: None


    Name: Soki
    Level: Lvl 2
    Type: Dragon
    Alignment: Neutral - aggressive
    Soki has red armor like scale with 7 spikes on his tail. He also has Sapphire colored eyes and 20 inch long sharp claws which are a lot longer than most dragons at his age.
    Soki is about 300 ft. in length with at least 800 pounds.

    Soki is master of Doki, with him, Soki has protected the shrine over centuries. He is old but he is wise and knows all the events that had happened around the world. Soki sleeps during morning and roams at night. He takes long to talk, but just wait until you talk to him, you will be surprised by stuff he says. Don’t let his old age fool you, when he wants to fight you will be dead before you know it.

    Endurance: 30
    Finesse: 30
    Speed: 70
    Skill Mastery: 2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: World Of Dragon's. Flame Roar. Ground Quake.

    FC: None.


    Name: Hazeel
    Level: 3
    Type: Dragon
    Alignment: Neutral - Agressive
    Hazeel has 10 spikes on her tail, with yellow armor like scales and crimson colored eyes.
    Hazeel’s length is 500 ft. and weights at least 1000 pounds.

    Hazeel is overall protector of the shrine & the secrets it Possesses. While Soki and Doki protect the shrine itself, she protects the information inside. Hazeel is wise old dragon who roamed the world when it was still young. She is the eldest Dragon on the island and possibly the world.

    Endurance: 40
    Finesse: 90
    Speed: 100
    Skill Mastery: 3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Call of Brothers, Lightning World, Infinite Electric. Crescent Claws.

    FC: None

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