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    Area Description


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    Official Topics Area Description

    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:09 pm

    Land Of Walkers

    On this Part of the Island There is 3 different Areas, The Creeper's Forest, The Dead Planes, and The Crimson Castle. Within the Forest many Undead walk for eternity trying to find something wonderful to munch on. The forest has mist that lines every inch and is incredibly hard to see what is ahead. Massive Trees tower at least 20 meters high and house deathly spiders in their branches The undead and spiders are not the worst part of this forest, however. Deep within lies a strange power that men lust over, A glowing Spider Queen that sits on her thrown surrounded by strong webs.

    The Creeper's Forest

    Next is the Dead Planes where millions of Zombies, Skeletons and other undead walk and explore the seemingly endless area. The area has Fine soil that makes it easier to slip and has many random ruins that hold the past , It would be a fool who walks this area because everyone else that has walked the area becomes part of the endless parade of Undead.

    The Dead Planes

    Finally, The Crimson Castle lies nice and sturdy in the very middle of the Land of Walkers. The castle reaches the Blood filled sky where thunder and lightning hits the many poles on the tip top. The castle seems lively and is not at all abandon, It is odd, this castle has no defenses but the Undead certainly stay away from the sparkling castle walls. It would be easy to go within its doors but do you really want to find out who is so powerful that Undead make sure to stay far away?

    The Crimson Castle

    Zombie Walker :

    Name: Zombie Walker
    Level: 1
    Type: Undead
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: These Corpses are rotting and look pretty beat up, They often hold random things which they use to attack with such as metal poles and other instruments of destruction.
    Description: If they see you, Smell you, or Hear you they will come after you in packs of 10-20. These Zombies can be fast, have normal speed or be very slow. It all depends on the Zombie.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Group Attack. Random Weapon art.

    FC: N/A


    Name: Creeper
    Level: 1
    Type: Undead
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance:They have Green skin and a Glare that would make a grown man scream. They wear random clothing like they did when they were living but carry random things.
    Description: These Zombies are deadlier than your normal undead. They Are quick and near silent and often catch their victims off guard and ambush them with 10-20 of their own kind. They are equipped with armor sometimes and even random weapons.

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Group Attack. Random Weapon art. Creeper's Will.

    FC: N/A


    Name: Mark, The Zombie King
    Level: 2
    Type: Undead
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: Mark wears the tunic and robes of a king and even the crown a king would wear. However, Instead of being alive he is Undead and has Green-ish Pale skin.
    Description: Among the Undead their is a leader and this leader is Mark. Mark is a fierce and ferocious Undead King that rules over all of the Plains and Forests. He lives in the Crimson Castle and creates things as he pleases. Even the Zombies fear his power and avoid the castle as well as him at all costs. Mark wears a Sword on his belt and is quick to use it. He usually is surrounded by all his weird and twisted creations.

    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: King's Sword Art. Creation Manipulation. Forced Lightning Arts.

    FC: N/A

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