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    Island Description


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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:31 am

    Wolf Island

    A Deadly Island that Houses many different wolf packs. Legend says that in ancient times there was werewolfs but no one knows if the legends are true. it seems like this island always has a murky darkness that surrounds it and the moon is always seen. In many parts of this rather large island there lives a creeping fog that shrouds long hidden secrets; the only way to find out what secrets the island holds is to go into its deep, slumbering forests and explore its vast landscapes.

    Young Wolf:

    Name: Young Wolf
    Level: 1
    Type: Animal
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Twice bigger than normal wolves you will find in other places. Grey color fur with crimson eyes.

    They travel in medium size pack of 10 wolves to at most 12 wolves. They will do anything to get some meat so be-careful or you will find yourself cornered by them.

    Finesse: 0
    Speed: 20
    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Howling, Claw Punch

    FC: N/A


    Name: Lycans
    Level: 2
    Type: Animal
    Alignment: Evil - Neutral
    They range from 7 ft. to 13 ft. Fur color ranges from grey, black, and white. With black eyes, and crimson red claws they roam the land.

    They travel in small pack of 3~5 with other Lycans. They love to eat meats, in fact, they love it so much they will hunt wolves in the island and feast on them. They can talk and move in very fast speed.

    Finesse: 10
    Speed: 50
    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Lycan Kick, Lycan Bite, Lycan Howling

    FC: N/A


    Name: Lucas
    Level: 2
    Type: Animal
    Alignment: Evil - Agressive
    Boss of all the wolves, He is about 30ft. tall lycan that roams around the land. With white eyes and white furs, he sees everything. His claws are about 13 inches in length.

    He is one of many creatures on the island that lycans will not bother to attack. With massive power, he is slow and dense, however, one punch from him you might die. Of course he sleeps 23 hours out of 24 hours so finding him is hard. However, he is very sensitive sleeper, so little sound can wake him up.  

    Finesse: 5
    Speed: 10
    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Ultra Punch, Ultra Kick, Ground Shake.

    FC: N/A

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