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    Official Topics Area Description

    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:16 am

    Barracks Of Hell

    The location of Satan's army and the place they are trained and spawned to his own purposes. it is of course located somewhere on Hell Island where none have been able to tell yet. It is said that his most trusted generals are always present, overlooking that things are going as smoothly as they should. Nothing else is really known, none have really witnesses this place, so it might just all be rumors.

    Demon Soldier :
    Name: Demon Soldier
    Level: 2
    Type: Demon
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: These Soldiers wear heavy duty armor and carry some of the best weaponry that hell has to offer. They are all sorts of different shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure, they are very strong.
    Description: These Soldiers never go out alone and will always have at least 5 with them at all times. They will capture you before killing but if you don't come quietly then they will make sure you are missing a big chunk of you.

    Skill Mastery:2
    Haki Level:2

    Abilities: Fortification. Capture Arts. Weapon arts of their choice. Fire and Darkness Element Arts.


    General Abigar:

    Name: General Abigar
    Level: 3
    Appearance: Abigar has Giant wings that can expand 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide. He, himself is about 20 feet tall and has 3 foot tall horns on his head. his skin is a literal black with cracks running through that look like past wounds that had been healed.
    Description: This Demon General has the ability to for tell the future outcome of battles and tactically plan his next moves. he wields a giant Scimitar made of Hell Stone which makes the blade a Darkness and Fire based weapon. He can be found going over future plans in the heart of the barracks.

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Tactic Arts. Foresight. Scimitar Arts. Fire and Darkness Magic.

    FC: N/A

    Grand General Zaebos:

    Name: Grand General Zaebos
    Level: 3 (Strong)
    Type: Demon
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: Zaebos is a very handsome Demon who has lush Curly, Black hair that goes down his spine. His eyes are of pure darkness and he has a finely crafted Beard and Mustache which he takes pride in. he is about 20 feet tall and wears heavy, Black plated armor and a Cape with the skull of the Devil on the back.
    Description: Zaebos Is the grand General over all the armys of hell. Only he knows if Satan really exists because he is the only one that is allowed to see the Lord himself. of course, he would never tell anyone if Satan is real or not but he hints that Satan exists. Zaebos Rides a Giant Alligator into battle and holds a Large Square shield and a Long Black Steel Spear. He is able to control the Hell Stone in the Valleys of hell and uses that to his advantage by making spikes shoot up from the ground.

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Hell Spear Arts. Grand Hell Magic. Satan's Wrath. Hell's Control. Alligator Taming.

    FC: N/A

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