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    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:17 am

    Land of Conquest

    The land of conquest is the first of the 5 apocalyptic lands, and its lord is the horseman Conquest, said to have the eyesight of a hawk he guards his land with great vigil. His aim is said to be the best of all, and that he, lands could be conquesred on his aim and skills alone, truely an extraordinary man.

    The land itself seemes peaceful, graccy area, with nothing big to hide around, which is a perfect place for a man such as Conquest.


    Name: Conquest 
    Rank: Three
    Position: Horseman
    Ability Art of Conquest  
    Endurance- 100
    Reflex- 150
    Speed- 150
    Strength- 300
    Skill Mastery- 3
    Haki Level- 3

    FC: Conquest.

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