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    Area Description


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    Official Topics Area Description

    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:26 am

    Land of War

    The land is scorched in flames and destruction, like a huge war zone of countless battles have been held here. nothing but destruction as far as the eye can spot. giving you the idea to be on your guard just after the first few steps.

    The Lord of this land is none other than War himself possibly the most known of all the riders, the master of the art of war, so good it is said it was upon his edhe the seeds to the first war in the entire world was created. But be wary, war is both a master in combat but also in all the other arts that is included in the acts of war.

    Name: War 
    Rank: Three
    Position: Horseman
    Ability Art of War  
    Endurance- 100
    Reflex- 100
    Speed- 200
    Strength- 300
    Skill Mastery- 3
    Haki Level- 3

    FC: War

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