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    Island Description

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    Post by Azure Snow on Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:47 pm

    Twilight Island

    Island Description Jacobs-flag

    Owned By Azure Snow. [Closed]~Special Permission Must be Granted~

    Island Description 1026616-bigthumbnail
    This Ancient Island Rests within the darkness where the Moon is always full and glows with power. The only way to get to this Island is to go through the Twilight Gate which is summoned by a Magical Key called Twilight Awakening. With the intention of opening the gateway the key glows a White and awakens the gate to sail towards twilight Island. the Island is smooth, yet rocky and many odd creatures live here. A Glimmering Castle of both Dark and Light Towers high in the sky and held within are many strange places to explore. Out of the castle is a town known as Twilight Town where Odd creatures not seen in the normal world live. This Island works as a quick escape from reality to a fantasy land full of wonders.

    Twilight Island History:

    Island Description Castlevania-lords-of-shadow-2-ps3-ps3-35600

    The History of the Island Starts With the blood of a God Demon and the Kneeling of
    a Great Mage. A War in a distant land had forced the mage into submission and so he wished to kill his enemies with the power of a Silver Orb that was forged by a Demon God. This Demon Granted him The Silver Orb that would grant him power over his enemies and so the Mage took it with grace knowing that one day he would Owe the Demon something in return. This Mage was known as Garyan The Black and the Enemies he wished to defeat were of another world completely. A Large war was waged against these other worldly creatures and the Mages of the Island but their faith in Garyan to defend it, however, even with the Magic Orb and the second chance at battle he was still killed by the leader of the opposing army.

     Island Description Demon_soldiers

    The Leader of the Other Worlds army was a sick and twisted creature that bred with the Mage women of the Island, however, not only did the leader rape and Pillage as he pleased but his army did as well. Through Time The different creatures that Raped and pillaged had sons and daughters who looked strange- Darker and more twisted Figures were born, Not every creature was twisted and Dark, Some were of such beauty and elegance that they would be bowed down to as gods and goddesses.

    Garyan's Son meanwhile became Stronger in order to defeat the armies who had taken over. The Demon who gave his father the Orb now placed it in the Sons care for the price of his Hidden Magic. The Boy agreed and the Demon Slyly Vanished and in no time at all The Boy became a Magnificent Wizard. This Wizard had a unique ability that allowed him to Summoning Magical Demons to fight for him and the Boy used it often to kill off the army members one by one.  

    Island Description Fantasy_Demon_Demon_Moon_Night_Clouds_38592_detail_thumb

    Eventually the boy had Killed most of the creatures leaving very few pure bloods remaining on the Island. The boy was tired of fighting but other mages called him a savior of the Island and as soon enough a festival was thrown in his honor. The Demon who had gave him the Orb in the first place appeared before him and simply just Smiled in the form of a giant shadow. It was in these moments in time that he revealed himself as The Silver Demon God, Pandora. His True Form had Silver hair and Eyes but he often hid under his shadow Form and a Silver Mask.

    Island Description 7a2b9e3ada49f3f147512812dd104cd2

    The Boy's Hidden Magic was then taken from him and the Silver Orb was used by the Silver Demon to Lock away The remaining magic and creatures in a special Realm that could only be traveled to by the use of the "Twilight's Awakening", A Key Forged by Twilight and the Silver Demon's White Blood. Forever these creatures were then Locked away in the Twilight Realm where It was always night time and the moon always present. Generations and Generations Of Twilight Creatures were born, each with a special talent that was of Magic. They followed the old traditions of both Human Magic and non human magic customs; and Thus Twilight Island was Born, A land of Dark Light.


    Twilight Town

    Island Description View_of_gloomwrought_by_kerembeyit-d42d42j

    Twilight Town NPC:


    Forgotten Forest

    Island Description Black%20trees%20dark%20fortress%20shadows%20album%20black%20sun%20empire%201920x1080%20wallpaper_www.miscellaneoushi.com_80

    Forgotten Forest NPC:


    Spinal Mountains

    Island Description Mountains%20landscapes%20fantasy%20art%20artwork%20chris%20cold%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_77

    Spinal Mountains NPC:


    Illusionary Wastelands

    Island Description Cthulhus_realm_by_acrylicdreams_1_

    Illusionary Wastelands NPC:

    Island Description 7bc2bf1524562fec7b0e4b4ca96d2145


    Twilight Springs:

    Island Description R169_457x257_10225_Temple_of_spirit_2d_fantasy_waterfall_water_castle_temple_goddess_dark_moonlight_soul_spirit_river_pic

    These Springs are full of wonders. Anyone who dips into the springs will be healed by its properties. However, while healing it forces the Person into their inner world where they will be sent on a journey to find their own hidden powers and rid of the blockages which hold them stagnant. These springs are inside Twilight castle where spirits of the unknown hang out.

    Path to the Castle:

    Island Description Approaching_the_Dark_Castle_by_Mr__Jack

    The Path to the castle is seen in black and white until one gets to the Gate Guardian who blocks the path to any who do not hold the Twilight key. The path is winding and seems everlasting, its also filled with different creatures who know how to hide within the black and white sight of the path; Some are deathly, others are tricky. all in all, be careful on this path, many of the locals and outsiders alike have perished before the path to the castle.


    Island Description DDiIYGC

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