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    Island Description

    Azure Snow

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    Official Topics Island Description

    Post by Azure Snow on Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:36 pm

    Emanate Island

    Owned By Azure Snow. [Open To all Affiliations]

    On this Island it is always Night time and almost everything Glows in a Neon color. Rocky Shores surround the entire island except for the front where you dont have to journey to far to find a Massive neon glowing Colosseum. the skies are lit with colorful light that dances for all to see and the Many fungi of the island glow in the same neon color. Those who journey here usually come for the Grand Tournaments or the Gladiator games that are held here often. there is a great rain forest that holds many creatures and many caves that go deep beneath the island; In the caves or in the forest, Crystals provide light to lead the way. The island welcomes all who wish to travel to it but beware of the countless dangers this island holds.

    Ruler of Emanate Island:

    Name: "Black Rose" Evelyn Snow
    Level: 3
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Appearance: --
    Description: "Black Rose" Is the name she was Called while traveling the world in the search for "Midnight Rush" - The lost katana that was passed down in the Snow Family for generations. Evelyn Is a very skilled at Heavens Style and uses only One Sword for Fighting. She Uses a mix of Black Magick and The Heaven's Style to Fight through Multiple enemies at once. Eve is the Ruler of Emanate Island and Is always seen watching the Games in the Arena. Evelyn Snow is Azure Snow's Aunt and watches her from a distance, Protecting her from afar.

    Skill Mastery:3
    Haki Level:3

    Abilities: Heavens Style. Black Magick Arts.

    Emanate Colosseum :

    This Colosseum is the highlight of the island. It is where the Biggest tournaments are held. The arenas Glow with special crystals from the Island mines which gives a wonderful appearance and lights up the area. Not only is the Arena lit up, but the Weapons as well as any of the equipment. The crystals of the island grow within the mines and the rarest of the colors is Purple which as an amazing, tougher quality than the other crystals of the island. Test your strength, speed and skill within the countless Glowing arenas of Emanate Colosseum, Maybe you will win a prize.

    Big Bob's Crystaline:

    This Shop is within the Walls of the Grand Arena, This is where you can choose your Weapon and Armor glow as well as your crest which goes on the back of your armor. Big Bob just wont give you a special armor or weapon glow, you have to earn it first by winning in the Many mini tournaments that go on all year round. The better fighter you are the rarer the glow on your weapon and armor. This glow to the armor can only be used on the Island and in the tournaments. The chart goes like so:

    White: The most Common sort of Crystal found on the island, Its very easy to obtain all over the Island.

    Beginners in the tournaments get this glow, it pretty much says it all. "Newbie"

    Light Blue:A more common Find in the Forests and Mines of the Island.

    Those who have won at least 5 matches can get this glow from bob.

    Dark Blue: This Is found deep in the forest or deeper into the mines where dangerous creatures roam.

    To gain this glow from Bob you must win at least 3 Tournaments.

    Green: Found in the caves under the island, not so easy to obtain and even harder to refine.

    Win at least 5 Tournaments in order to get this glow from Bob.

    Yellow: This Crystal is found even deeper underground than the Green Crystal. Its semi Easy to refine.

    In order to Gain this Color from Bob you must win at least 10 Tournaments.

    Orange: Rare, Not easy at all to find. Hard to refine.

    To Gain this color from Bob you must win at least 15 Tournaments.

    Red: You almost never find this type of crystal on the Island, There is a Special Way to refine this Crystal that only a few masters know.

    To gain this Beautiful red color from bob you must win 20 tournaments.

    Purple: No one knows how to get this kind of Crystal but legend says that is held around the Tree of Life hidden in the middle of the forest where a massive cave lies. They say the tree is at the caves deepest level and is guarded by great and powerful monsters.

    Only the Very Best of the Best May get this glow from Bob. (Win 25 Tournaments)

    Big "Crafty" Bob:

    Name: Big "Crafty" Bob
    Level: 1
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Appearance: --
    Description: Big Bob is the best at Making Both Crystalline Fused Weapons and Armor. He works for the Tournaments and always supplies the arena with glowing weapons and equipment. However, he is very strict when it comes to crystals and will never give someone rarer colors without them earning it first.  

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Crystal Forge, Equipment Fusion.


    Tournament Colors:

    MW=Matches Won. ML: Matches Lost. TW=Tournaments Won

    - Azure D Snow (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Leo D Morgan (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Lazarus (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Leon L.H. (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Yedidiyah (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Phoenix D Jack (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - White Fist Gray (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Emi (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    Light Blue:
    Dark Blue:

    Crystal Caves:

    The Grand Crystal Caves that are located in Emanate forest. the further in you go the more deadly it becomes. however, the forest is rich with rare crystals that each have an aura glow around them. these crystals are used to make the Tournament Armor and Weapons as well as light sources such as Lamps and other things. The miners of this island always travel together and usually run into the many monsters that lurk in the caves and forests of Emanate island.


    Weapon: Silver Light
    Weapon: Bright Nodachi
    Armor: Majestic Winter
    Primary Skill: Heaven's Nōdachi Style
    Secondary Skill: Gun Blade Style


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