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    Sol D. Karas Character's Application

    Kamagi Sanada

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    Sol D. Karas Character's Application Empty Sol D. Karas Character's Application

    Post by Kamagi Sanada on Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:04 am

    [b]Name:Sol D. Karas
    [b]Epithet: The chosen one. Bringer of salvation.


    [b]Appearance:Tall, muscular, very cut and define. A slim figure but, very define.
    [b]Hair Color:Smoke Gray
    [b]Skin Tone:Light Tan
    [b]Weight:200 lbs

    [b]Personality: An intricate person. Comes off as stand offish; but approachable. Mildly narcissistic, over achiever. Makes due with what he has, also gives his last. Open-minded, adventures', risk taker. Very friendly, does anything for his friends and family. Sees no limit not even the sky.
    [b]Likes:Porkchops, girls, cooking
    [b]Dislikes:Marines, Government, Laws
    [b]Motivations:The people around him
    [b]Fears:Spiders, losing, failing
    [b]Behavior/Habits:Tends to bite thumb when nervous, hungry, or anxious. Loves to take long walks and contemplate about the future. Very talkative, loves partying and enjoying the company of his nakama. At times he can contradict himself and want to shy away from the lime light and be to himself; always read, prepared to charge head first.
    [b]History:Born to Mary Elizabeth, young Karas an only child. Conceived threw natural birth in a small village on the island of East Blue. From an early age he gifted with wit and smarts like no other around him. Stood out amongst his peers, head of his class in school, and sports were like second nature to him. As he grows he becomes more intone with himself also with nature, finding tranquil indulgence in the. Exploring the vast land around him. As time past he becomes aware of his family blood line, his father, his uncle and grandfather. He realizes his destiny. Knowing how big of a role his family plays in the era of time his in, only then does he take a stand to carry the will of D and vow to revolutionize the world.
    Ray Ignazia
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    Sol D. Karas Character's Application Empty Re: Sol D. Karas Character's Application

    Post by Ray Ignazia on Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:03 pm

    Please use the correct coding, and reach the wordcounts for all the subsets.

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