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    Mythic Assassins [WIP]

    Zerina Zayne

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    Mythic Assassins [WIP]

    Post by Zerina Zayne on Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:13 pm

    Name of Group: Mythic Assassins  
    Name of Ship: The Purple Enchantress
    Leader: Rainbow Rain (Zerina Zayne)
    First Partner: Grif Oakerden
    Second Partner: Karissa Blaze
    Third Partner: Yedidiyah  

    This Revolutionary Group has one goal and that is to change the world by murdering World Nobles and Celestial Beings with stealth.  

    Motto: "There is no Rest for the Wicked."

    Crew History:

    Limitations / Requirements:

    It is important to understand that Z.Z (Zerina Zayne) Does not trust many to join her Close Group. The requirements are quite high in order to join full time. First of all She wishes all those involved with this Group to be as active as possible with colorful Character and Skill Applications (No one likes to see that Plain blue, so color it up people!!!). Second off the people who join must do their best with spelling in everything they do on the site. Finally, Z.Z wants the best Revolutionists in the business, The tasks that will be done are not a walk in the park and require stealth, Of course She will need Non Stealthy men and women as well to take on the many Brutes and Berzerkers of the world.

    Character: Zerina Zayne
    Weapon: Wagasa Umbrella
    Skills: Kami Kami No Mi, Model: Iris & Gensō Geijutsu

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