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    The candy city

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    The candy city

    Post by Leon L.H. on Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:27 am

    This is the candy city of this island. The city is filled with people made of candies. It seems like they don't move, however, if you are lucky you might see them move. These candy people are very secretive, they don't like to show others that they can move. There have been records of them building cities, trading, children playing around. Here, you can get all the candies and sweets you ever wanted in your life. However, the owner of this island isn't responsible for the cavities.

    There is another rumor about this wondrous places, they said it was once a fine city filled with people. One day, they started to get greedy with candies and kept eating them day after day until one day, they woke up and noticed they became candies it self. The entire town changed. Now they became a even more greedy.

    The entrance of this city you notice a sign, rather a logo, indicating this is a in fact the candy town.


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