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    The Cursed Corsairs

    Eras Esmeras

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    The Cursed Corsairs

    Post by Eras Esmeras on Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:08 pm

    Name of Crew: Cursed Corsairs
    Name of Ship: The Crimson Horror
    Captain: Eras Esmeras (The Siren of the West)
    First Mate:
    Second Mate:

    Goals: To become the most fearsome and successful pirate crew in history

    Motto: "Great pirates are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser mates to light the flame."

    Crew History: After spending some time at different ports, Eras had decided it is time to make her name known around the globe and has formed a pirate crew to create a fear when their crimson sails approach. She wanted their ship to be noticeable from afar, so she had designed deep red sails with a mermaid bow on the front of the ship to be constructed.

    Limitations / Requirements: Impressing Eras and doing what she commands, when she commands it. Members are also required to wear red pendants or jewelry as a sign of being within the crew.


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