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    Joanna G. Reed (WIP)

    Joanna Reed
    Joanna Reed

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    Joanna G. Reed (WIP) Empty Joanna G. Reed (WIP)

    Post by Joanna Reed on Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:07 pm

    Name: Joanna Guinevere Reed
    Epithet: "Voidwalker"
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Hasn't really shown interest in such things. (Asexual until proven otherwise).

    Affiliation: Revolutionary
    Occupation: Navigator

    Joanna G. Reed (WIP) D25c0b80
    Joanna's appearance, both facial and physical features, can strike as androgynous to some people. Thankfully her voice is feminine enough to serve as a clue to other people, on top of being soft and low.

    Despite of her young age, Joanna has white hair that reaches her shoulders. Her skin is almost equally as white, although its tone varies slightly from her current location. This icy appearance is further enforced by the bright cyan color of her half-closed eyes.

    Joanna's usual clothing is rather simple. The most notable part of her attire is her bright red scarf, which she has a tendency to keep at any weather despite of its inconvenience. The rest of her outfit is black, consisting of plain shirt, pants and boots. These clothes are originally designed for colder climates as well, but Joanna hasn't bothered to switch it up. She isn't bothered by the heat it provides, as she feels cold constantly.

    Under her regular outfit, Joanna wears a black tank top. And undergarments as well, with the exception of a bra (as it doesn't matter all that much with her size).
    Hair Color: White
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 170 cm (5'7'' ft)
    Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

    Personality: Joanna has the tendency to think a lot. Unfortunately enough, she isn't all that good at focusing her thoughts, which results in having thoughts about... well anything, really.

    Joanna has strong feelings about many things, but she does have one problem: she usually doesn't know how to turn these feelings into words. Or at least in a way that would be effective. It's as there's almost always a disparity between what she wants to say and what she actually says. This makes having a conversation very exhausting to Joanna, and is partially responsible for making her to become an introverted person as she grew up.

    From a very young age, Joanna was taught about things like fate and destiny due to her religion. These concepts have stuck with her into adulthood as well. And thus, she believes that everything is predetermined and that the future is a thing that can be predicted. Certain events have caused her to

    Joanna sort of ended up just tagging along with the revolutionaries initially, but she does have her own reasons for resisting the World Government. Joanna has an innate dislike towards having too large organizations in charge of too many things. When the scale gets too large, the things just stop working properly and become more vulnerable to hindering things like corruption, slowness due to the immense amounts of information and many other things as well. Smaller organizations like island nations or alliances of a few close islands would be more than sufficient, not to mention a lot more effective. This is how Joanna sees things. So in a way, she doesn't even have nothing against the Marines themselves.

    Behavior/Habits: Joanna's preferred way of communicating with others is through actions. This isn't optimal as not all things can be communicated through actions, but Joanna tries to do so regardless whenever she can. She also tries to compensate this by being expressive.

    Joanna's attitude towards others is an odd one. She does like people and loves to hang out with them, but she often doesn't feel like actually talking with them. Being silent in the company of others doesn't make her feel uncomfortable; if anything, she enjoys it.

    If Joanna is seen staring blankly into a distance, one shouldn't get alarmed: this is normal. And it has two variations even. The first kind is the kind where she's simply spacing out or deep in thought. The other kind is when Joanna is under her impulse. Telling these two instances apart would be important in order to avoid some unfortunate situations.


    • Sky - It's a place that contains many beautiful things; the moon, the stars, the northern lights... what's not to like?
    • Darkness -


    • Talking - Joanna isn't all that comfortable with using words. They just get all jumbled up and usually don't end up conveying what she wanted to say.




    When she was younger, people had laughed at Joanna's weird musings. She was a child, so it was cute. And it's not like it bothered Joanna either (except when she was cranky). But as she got older, people excepted her to "grow out of it".

    - Born on an island, in North Blue.
    - Has a younger brother.
    - Lives on an island that is essentially cut off from the rest of the world (snowy environment).
    * Reason found in the religion that the island has.
    - Father is a preacher and mother is an "oracle".
    - Joanna, at some point, eats a devil fruit.
    - Because of the above, the two find a way to leave the island.

    - Present day, present time.

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